another question for academic fediverse + :
does your national, university or field specific doctoral programme have any interesting special rituals? e.g. in Finland + Sweden the dissertation has to be on public display in the uni library 10 days before the defence. In Sweden there's a ceremony where the candidate + supervisor go to the library + physically nail the dissertation to the wall!
in Finland some PhDs get (i.e. can buy) a doctoral sword. (not my field unfortunately.)

I have heard and seen that in Germany after the disseration, the students get a handcrafted hat from their friends with a mini tableau of their memories during their PhD life.

@ashwinvis Can confirm. And in Germany you have another grade after your PhD: a "Habilitation", which allows you to teach like a professor.

In my field, if you get this your colleagues will handcraft a nice decorated cart and pull you around campus.

I think in the life sciences they already use the cart for PhDs.

In The Netherlands the professors dress up in old garbs; see pic. The ceremonial master has a silver stick and stamps it on the ground to open and close the PhD defense.


@VictorVenema @ashwinvis @ckohtala that sounds like fun. As a PhD student, I'm not sure I would be able to make a weight-bearing cart...

@mwt You use a hand cart as basis. Typically a bit bigger one than the one shown. The decoration is hard crafted, like the funny PhD hats.

Somehow I am not able to find a photo of such a post-habilitation ceremony. I am starting to wonder whether it just a local university thing.

@ckohtala @ashwinvis

@VictorVenema @mwt @ashwinvis hahaha that sounds great! it would be equally as fun to make the cart as to be given it and dragged around in it 😄

@ckohtala Probably the only similar thing in Chile is for the lawyers.
You can get a Law degree in most universities, but to work as a lawyer, you need to pass an examination by the Supreme Court, which is as stuffy and frightening as it sounds.
There are lots of law licentiates out here for the same reason.

@matias93 and if one passes the scary exam, does one wear fancy-dancy wigs and robes as the barristers do in the UK? :)

@ckohtala Nothing, even if some lawyers get somewhat extravagant in their quest for the most formal attire.

@ckohtala i know of some people in Germany that would write a poem about the person who's graduating. The next person to defend in the group should be the one reading it out loud

@ckohtala unfortunately, the only lab i know that did this is currently under a curse where none of the students can graduate

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