I will soon have two academic job offers on my table.
please help me collate crucial decision criteria: eg
-% research time
-level of secondhand culture /antique shops in city
-number of local arthouse cinemas
-difficulty level of local language
-flight time from current home city
-expected course size (no of students) and subject areas
-sense of autonomy
-ability of future boss to navigate dept /uni politics
-level of public transport/bicycle commute in city
-ease of finding housing

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@ckohtala holy shit congrats.
I'd add in

- positive work environment
- university environment
- department mentality surrounding things you care about (for me I wanted departments to care about teaching and also support work/life boundaries)

@Cyborgneticz thanks!
and yeah - the ones you suggested def have to be in the list !


Congrats! You may be able to get some information on the things @Cyborgneticz mentions by emailing (prospective) colleagues at each place or setting up informal meetings with them.

thanks! good point. I've already partly done that so I have a much better sense.

deciding between academic employers 

@ckohtala IIRC, Karen Kelsky always regrets not noticing that the poster boards and the student union building of the second uni she worked at were dead until after she had quit her old job and moved there. That is tough to judge in the middle of a respiratory pandemic though.

For a long-term job, I would also consider "how likely is this place to become unlivable due to political or natural disasters in the next 20 years?"

deciding between academic employers 

good points!
I think I don't have too many worries with the two cities/countries in question - but one can never be sure ...

- student culture, politics, organizations, etc.

(But happy to learn that your job search is nearing an end.)

@bhaugen thanks, me too!
student culture is an interesting point and hard to gauge beforehand (while I've been grilling the doctoral candidates that I have access to) :)

"student culture is ... hard to gauge beforehand".

Student publications and social media evidence might exist. Or shoot some questions about candidate institutions here?

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