@danwchan I'd agree that it presents things that many in the fediverse have already known for years but at least it's presented to a much wider audience and the documentary techniques and visual aids they used to communicate are interesting. so sure, I'd recommend it.
I visit biohack spaces when I can and I'd like to look into that area of making/hacking more (in my research); at the moment I'm not connected to any one space

@pixouls imo good, worth watching tho I guess there won't be new information for many, just presented in a clear way

@foureyedsoul thanks! one really should treat the academic workplace as a job and just "work" (not family, not passion) because the university will eat you alive and at the end no one will care, not even the friends you made along the way (if I'm being really cynical...)

I gave back my keys laptop phone to the uni I've been with (in *many* capacities, also freelance, hourly based teacher, subcontractor and master's student) since 1996 and it's a very weird fukken feeling

in the postdoc revolving door - valued but not valued enough for a proper post. fair enough but still weird in my visceral experience of just working with people I like with stuff we love.

so now need to adopt the persona of a "professional academic" which means moving countries for a job

and since our research group developed this sustainability transitions pathways tool, I'll put up a future pathways sheet on the wall and people can put up their predictions for development of our field on post-its. hopefully they will be funny, satire. very co-design

I'm taking some safe-for-work questions from The Voting Game - people can write their proposed names on bits of paper and put them in a hat. e.g. Who would be most likely to be a cult leader.
I'm hoping that since I'm the host I'll get most of the votes haha.
since the party will be very small people can vote for any person from our department.

instead of reading and marking/grading 30 doctoral research plans 😩 I've spent the afternoon developing academic party games for my going-away shindig on Monday

Request for Proposals: Pathways Communication Grants:
"The grant encourages the circulation of scientific contributions reinforcing the understanding of pathways for sustainability via innovative dissemination formats and practices to reach relevant audiences beyond the scientific community and to stimulate wider uptake and understanding."

OH I finally found it, I was not reading the first letter as L or the last as R

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these links go to specific photographs in my flickr photostream.
this photo of graffiti on construction site plywood I took in Amsterdam last week, December 2021

the same person/group, August 2018

and the first time I noticed these was in July 2012

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Job ad - STS peeps! 

The position is based in Canberra. The role is to understand the governance barriers to microgrids being feasible (everything from specific rule changes, institutional culture and capacity of actors involved) but also contribute towards thinking of alternative modes of operation beyond narrow market logics.

Working closely with two other RF (one with social science background and one with modelling and data science background.


omg I am still writing this article review which is late and I have a meta-review also due tomorrow, the good thing about time pressure and academic service is that one is pressed to give the *best* and most clear, concise feedback on these things...

remember this? Richard Monastersky & Nick Sousanis (author of Unflattening), in Nature nature.com/articles/527427a

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Education is a slow process, and may not come too quickly.
-- Benjamin Tucker

#anarchism #quote #bot

a small bit of heaven is editing and organizing my fieldwork photos on a Saturday evening while listening to MAC DAVIS, yes, my friends, Mac Davis 👂😍 [+ emoji of an ear with a heart in it]

(posting them on Flickr too, in my fab labs album)

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