And it's always interesting how they refer to the entirety of HUMANITY as if they familiar with any other system of thought outside of whiteness.

White people are the minority globally, but have cut a swathe through various cultures with brutal violence and theft, which still defines that culture to this day.

In my estimation, I would say they have no idea what humanity really is or is like.

White people want us to believe HUMANITY itself is the problem, which is just a fucked up lie.

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so i still have my ex on steam, though we really don't ever talk or interact (keep in mind we broke up in 2002)

and out of curiosity, sometimes i peep his profile to see what he's been up to to laugh at an apparently he's become even more of a goosestepping chud in recent years and it's not just me that's noticed it lmao

this is a comment someone left on his profile

I’m now working at the intersection of insurance and cybersecurity. And it’s just a crazy world of money being thrown at problems

I don't know, actually. But I think our lives would be much better. Personally I would lose one of my passions but that doesn't negate the fact that cars as mass transit is a huge waste.

Possibly, if even a fraction of the funds directed to infrastructure, RnD and externalities of cars were thrown to mass transit we could have free mass transit for everyone and everywhere. It's also possible that humanity would be even more packed in cities which ultimately would be much better for the earth.

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Schon gehört? „Facebook fährt die Verschlüsselung in #WhatsApp zurück“. Was das bedeutet, erklärt heute in

"Meet me in the middle," the unjust man says.

You step forward, he steps back.

"Meet me in the middle," the unjust man says...

Teardown of Apple's lightning-to-HDMI adapter, which turns out to be a tiny computer with 256MB of RAM

Facebook Messenger still scans all messages, even with end-to-end encryption. Scanning is done locally on the device before text messages are sent and after received messages are decrypted.

Facebook privacy lol

I too have wondered why unsubscribing from a marketing email list could take days to process, and now that I know, I wish I could have the wonder back.


@Joe8Bit: I saw a tweet asking why sometimes when you unsubscribe from an email list it says it can ‘take a few days’. Buckle up, as I have a RIDICULOUS story about this happening in The Enterprise<img>...

@Joe8Bit: There’s a bank. Let’s assume you’ve heard of them, in fact if you’re in the UK there’s a 10 in 1 chance they’re YOUR bank. I was an overpayed ‘consultant’ at this bank.

@Joe8Bit: This bank sends marketing emails. There’s a little ‘unsubscribe’ link at the bottom of the mail. People often click it.

@Joe8Bit: When they do it calls an antique web service that runs ‘somewhere’ at the bank. Honestly, it took me 3 weeks to find out where.

@Joe8Bit: This web service sends an email to an internal email address every time it’s clicked. This happens 100s of times a day.

@Joe8Bit: This email was originally sent to an individual. They left the bank five years before.

@Joe8Bit: This mail address is now forwarded to an email group. They couldn’t change the address as it’s hard coded and they don’t have the code that was used to compile this Java 6 service.

@Joe8Bit: This email group is monitored by two people in the banks offshore centre in Hyderabad. They worked super hard and always SMASHED their job; but holy crap it was soul crushing.

@Joe8Bit: When I spoke to them via VC they had the Enterprise 1000 Yard Stare. They’ve banged their head against this thing for YEARS and it’s NEVER changed.

@Joe8Bit: When they get a mail, they need to run a SQL query to see if that mail address is associated with a customer (which results in one process) or if it’s not (which results in a separate process)

@Joe8Bit: If they’re a customer, they execute another SQL query that updates a customer record in a type of ETL staging area. Every one of these changes is reviewed (at 4pm UK time) by a team in an office in Scotland. If they approve it, it gets executed 24 hours LATER at 4pm

@Joe8Bit: If this person is NOT a customer, they add it to an excel and email it (just before they go home) to a marketing team in Swindon.

@Joe8Bit: The marketing team use tea leaves and chicken bones to decide if this person is a ‘high vale prospect’ (their ‘SLA’ is ‘within 48 hours’). If they AREN’T they add the address to another excel and email the original team in India. They use their ‘process’ to execute a SQL query

@Joe8Bit: If they ARE a ‘high value prospect’ the marketing team MANUALLY sends an email asking if they REALLY REALLY want to unsubscribe? It looks like an automated email, but it ain’t.

@Joe8Bit: If they answer yes (they had to literally reply ‘YES’) then the team in Swindon send a THIRD excel back to India and the ceremonial SQL queries are run.

@Joe8Bit: IIRC this took FOUR BUSINESS DAYS on average. On average ~700 people unsubscribed a day and ~70% of those were deemed ‘high value prospects’.

@Joe8Bit: There’s another story about how the two people from India joined our engineering team and became the Product Owners for the thing that replaced it <img>

@Joe8Bit: They were also two of the nicest, most caring, hardest working people I've ever had the opportunity to work with. They were the reason why this awful corporate clusterfuck of a process worked so 'smoothly' for all those years.

@Joe8Bit: If those things didn't make an ideal, A+ candidate to own the replacement system I don't know what did.

@Joe8Bit: They eventually moved to the UK, and one of them is now in charge of a team of 40+ people!

@Joe8Bit: Why had they been ignored and overlooked for so long, and why every bit of their work needed to be 'checked' by a team in the UK… you'll need to fill in the gaps on that one-oh wait no, it was prejudice against offshore workers and a light sparkling of racism! <img>

@Joe8Bit: My consigliere have informed me I should take advantage of this sudden attention to mention @permutive is hiring! We’re like, cool to work for and stuff <img>

"shit that fucking sucks" is 8000x more helpful for a struggling person to hear than "it will get better" "have you tried this?" "you're totally in the right!" etc

PS: Inzwischen ist #Ghostery quelloffen. In die Empfehlungen zur Digitalen Selbstverteidigung auf haben wir dieses Add-On trotzdem nicht wieder aufgenommen, weil es persönliche Daten sammelt (zumindest wenn man die eingebaute Funktion #GhostRank aktiviert) und neuerdings Werbung einblendet. Werbung ist meistens mit Tracking verbunden, und es gibt ähnliche Add-Ons, die ohne Datensammelei und Werbung auskommen.

If you run your own #Nextcloud server, answer this:

Do you have a distributed, #encrypted, automatic, offsite, free #backup solution?

How amazing would it be to install a Nextcloud app and automatically have all your data encrypted, backed up around the world, on other Nextcloud installs rather than some mega-corp, for no cost beyond sharing some of your unused storage space?

Please help make this happen, by boosting and supporting this issue now:


Germany's powerful IG Metall trade union is organizing Youtubers to force Google to play fair

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