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Before being burned alive by Spaniards, chief Hatuey was asked if he wanted 2 accept Christianity & go 2 heaven. Hatuey asked if Spaniards go 2 heaven, to which a priest answered they do. Hatuey then stated he'd rather go to hell where he wouldn't see such cruel people.

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I had no idea there was a Black Film Archive online. But there is, and it is much useful.

Check it out.


@socrates just checking to see what’s up with this instance, I’ve been having issues access via my browser

@bgcarlisle never mind, seems to have corrected what ever it was - the URL was showing up as not discoverable, but all is now right.

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Having issues linking to scholar social via my browser this am, is there an issue to know about? @bgcarlisle

Are identities like clothing, free to assemble but fraught with cultural interpretations?

Are they immutable?

Perhaps they are Goffmanesque, transactional?

They are unlikely purely a matter of individual decision.

In struggle! on this day of international recognition of workers' rights.

[Image: May Day poster]

It just seems too convenient an approach to talk co-existence of knowledge in a colonial context by settler archaeologists (however well intentioned) when Indigenous people are arguing for a revanchist Indigenous led approach that foregrounds Indigenous intellectual traditions, theories, and methods.

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I'm all for multiplicities of 'knowing,' but why is it important to decenter all knowledge just when Indigenous Intellectual approaches are becoming resurgent?

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Listening to archaeologists talk about 'two way seeing' and can't help feel it is becoming a way to rationalize maintaining non-Indigenous supremacy and deny the possibility of Indigenous intellectual leadership.

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