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Academic research 

* Done quickly
* Done correctly
* Interesting result

Choose two

For any org-mode users that export to LaTeX and have issues using the \and command between multiple authors, add the following line (after hyperref is loaded) to solve the problem:

\dfstringdefDisableCommands{\df\and{and }}


Fascinating story on how some NASA engineers used software development principles (making a Minimally Viable Produce) to send extremely cheap satellites into space

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The last 10 years of development in computers were a mistake. Maybe longer.

Instead of making computers Do More, or making them Feel Faster, we've chased benchmarks, made them more reliant on remote servers, and made them less generally useful. We brought back the digital serfdom of the mainframe.

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Hi all, I'm a Master's student currently studying Computer Science at BYU with a focus on Bioinformatics. I am also an avid user. Would love to talk with any other Computer Scientists or Bioinformaticians.

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