@DoctorZen Interesting. UlrichsWeb does *not* show that journal as peer-reviewed! That is the list that U of Toronto trusts for PR designated journals. If it is indeed publisher-added, that could
be more than a conflict of interest ... might be deceit. guides.library.utoronto.ca/pee

@f_loki lucky! I've got an Android tablet, so no such luck for me.

@f_loki xournal is great! I use it for marking digital submissions. The only thing I miss is a tablet counterpart.


OMG my fingers ... Thanks for sharing,<exclamation mark>*** not a question

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Big news in :

- No more embargoes
- No more copyright transfer
- No hybrid journals
- A cap on APCs

...for practically all European-funded research from 2020 onwards. It's called , and it's fantastic!



What about R2? I usually find something Long the lines of:

R1: pedestrian operations are described in excessive detail. Reduce the manuscript by half.
R2: I do not understand the method. They should be explained in more detail.

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@WilliamConey welcome from a fellow Canuck. I'll be interested to see some of your research.

@eredondo still a super important part of the action needed. That's very cool work. I'll be interested to follow your updates.

! Our new article on the impact of missing data in a monthly series. Applied here to temperature data but I think it is widely applicable. rmets.onlinelibrary.wiley.com/

@ibull Is it not worse when it was published weeks ago.

@afterthehyphen Zotero recently launched zbib.org/. Not sure how it compares to citation machine, but might be worth a look.

@drarp, great question. I didn't encounter any denial in Peru. I can think of a number of reasons why this might be—I think probably Peru is typically cast as a victim of CC, not perpetrator, so political incentive to deny is small, versus potential assistance to adapt. What I did find though is a lot of misinformation re: what counts as CC. e.g. El Niño, cyclical occurence and still not sure what the link to CC looks like. Or a big rain storm in the rainforest, probably not CC.

Hi folks, Mastodon newbie here. I'm a PhD candidate in Environmental Science at U of Toronto, focused on climate change in the rainforest regions of Peru and temperature extremes here at home in TO. I tweet as @conanelbarbudo. Any other folks out there?

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