I don’t know if there’s anyone here who should hear this who doesn’t know it already, but @pigworker is a really clear lecturer—his 2017 lectures on Agda (all freely available online) are remarkably full of insight.

They’ve helped this logician/philosopher understand more of what is going on with dependent types and functional programming these days.


…one day I’ll see whether I can afford the upgrade to four registers, and more than 33 marbles.

But today is not that day.

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Some parts of my old register machine seems to have gone missing. Behold the new less-ecologically-unsound registers for the souped-up 2018 model. They get their first showing in under an hour. consequently.org/class/2018/ph

I love my job immensely and I feel so lucky to have it but omg it is exhausting sometimes

Hi I’m Iris, a computational cognitive scientist living in The Netherlands. I’m interested in discussions of the theoretical foundations of explanations in cognitive science. I’m particularly fascinated by the apparent intractablity of domain-general human cognition. I use a mix of conceptual analysis, formal modeling, complexity analyses, and computer simulations for my research.

Homepage: irisvanrooijcogsci.com

I am a Logician, and Philosopher of Computation and Information. My research focuses on formal models of dynamic rationality for intelligent mechanical and natural information systems. Areas of Specialization: , , Representation, Dynamics, Interaction, Type Theories, , Philosophy of , and

Today’s class in Level 3 logic is always fun: cardinality concepts and Cantor’s Theorem. To infinit[y/ies] and beyond!


Here’s an for those browsing the scholar.social local timeline. I’m a philosopher/logician at the University of Melbourne.

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