So folks, are there still IRC servers/rooms kicking around for us and our work? Have people moved over to Discord? Where is everyone?

Between the new movie trailer and the newly uncovered prototype game builds, we truly are living in the year of the l̶i̶n̶u̶x̶ ̶d̶e̶s̶k̶t̶o̶p̶ ̶ superfast blue hedgehog.

I feel like my account belongs equally on here or on and it's hard working out whether or not to move. The advangage of a fediverse means I don't *need* to, right? But also there are no really decent migration options.

Today I’m at the LGBT Consortium’s annual meeting. Really great to be in a room with so many other LGBT+ campaigners and organisers to work out how to make the world better

Be the horrible goose you wish to see in the world.

‪I’m looking for a good time management app (web or desktop) that’ll let me put in the things I need to do, deadlines, and fixed shifts, and have it suggest/plan when/how I should spent my time to get things done.‬

‪Does anyone have any suggestions?‬

Hello, Mastodon! It's been a while. Largely I've been both up inside my own head and down in a deep pit of despair, if both of those things are simultaneously possible.

Honestly, I was not entirely sure what to make of Mastodon at first. But the warm welcome on this instance, the amazing fediverse out there, and the brilliant and engaging conversation that I have been part of this past month?

It is like the early days of Twitter, but better.

Working & Reading Habits:

Where do you find yourself at your most productive? Do you prefer to read papers and do writing / busywork in different locations?

Libraries? Coffee Shops? Campus? Town?

I'm interested in hearing how best you all work and learn!

Looking for connections who know a thing or two (or even more than two things) about doing an MA in Archiving.

If this is you, can I ask you a few questions?

If this is not you, please could you signal boost?

Shanah Tovah! 

It's Rosh Hashanah 5780!

Long life and sweetness for the year ahead to all of you.

Uncertainty around a change of field is plaguing me at the moment. When you vaguely enjoy something, but know you don't really like it enough to dive deeply, it's probably a sign to leave it alone right?

Last week I sat I a training session during which @torproject was described as “a tool that only paedophiles use” and that anyone seen with it on their devices should be “flagged as a safeguarding concern”.

How do we even begin to become a security conscious world when this level of misinformation exists?

I wonder what scholars will say of the current state of UK politics in 15 years.

A blip? Or the beginning of the end?

As opposed to the M42 here in England which affords wonderful views of the poorly maintained industry between Worcester and Leicester.

Great piece on opting-out from Google, Facebook and others. The best line in the article is "Janet is thinking about launching her own satellite" for controlled communication. I also like her description of Digital Homesteading.

@EccentricElephant at least you are not alone 😀

Thoughts on Google 

A behemoth they started so humbly, I was always a little in awe of Google while not being able to use their services.

Then they dropped product after product, erasing privacy as they went. They removed “don’t be evil” and seemingly took the opposite view.

I’m almost done moving away from their services entirely. And it feels so, so good.

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