Last week I sat I a training session during which @torproject was described as “a tool that only paedophiles use” and that anyone seen with it on their devices should be “flagged as a safeguarding concern”.

How do we even begin to become a security conscious world when this level of misinformation exists?

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@crecerelle @torproject This is awful. It's about privacy, anonymity, and protection. It's much more likely to save a kid from a user with malicious or pedophile-intent if you just let the kid use it and figure shit out. It's similar to an old situation--admitting all those who were left-handed to a mental asylum JUST for being left-handed. Will every man or woman be monitored just for having Tor? It's ridiculous. :/

@kearsey_w @torproject Honestly I'd quit in protest but I need the money. I've tried to affect change and when I presented them with more accurate information I got called "arrogant."

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