Looking for connections who know a thing or two (or even more than two things) about doing an MA in Archiving.

If this is you, can I ask you a few questions?

If this is not you, please could you signal boost?

@crecerelle glammr.us would probably be willing! @joshuatj is the admin and might be able to recommend some people to talk to

@crecerelle @joshuatj except i just realized they haven't been on in a couple hundred days, oops

@joshuatj@glammr.us @ebeth @joshuatj@digipres.club Hi there! Thanks for getting back to me. I'm looking at how to get into the field and am scoping out tips 🙂

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@crecerelle @ebeth @joshuatj a good place to start is to attend a conference. Any particular field in archiving?

@joshuatj@glammr.us @ebeth @joshuatj@digipres.club Digital, technology, sofrware & hardware. Trouble is being in the UK where the field seems relatively small, conferences seem few and far between.

@crecerelle @ebeth shameless plug, you can join glammr.us or digipres.club. Or follow #digipres on Twitter, an active community.

@joshuatj @ebeth Wait, administred by my good friend Misty?! Does the federated nature of Mastodon mean I can interact and engage from here or is this a 'create another social account' kind of thing?

@crecerelle @ebeth yes @misty is awesome. You can interact and engage with any users in the fediverse from your current account. But you won't be able to see the local timeline.

@joshuatj Ah thank you, that makes sense. Thank you for all your help!

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