Working & Reading Habits:

Where do you find yourself at your most productive? Do you prefer to read papers and do writing / busywork in different locations?

Libraries? Coffee Shops? Campus? Town?

I'm interested in hearing how best you all work and learn!

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@crecerelle I find working in coffee shops is good for a boost of focus if I need to read something or complete a task like writing a syllabus.

@twsh Do you take in just what you need to complete that task? How do you stave off attention creep in a place like that?

@crecerelle I often find it easier to concentrate on that kind of task in a busy place. I wouldn't go somewhere that was very busy or loud. Mostly I just need a laptop and/or what I'm reading and a notebook. The vast majority of my work is writing and reading.

@crecerelle My favourite place to study is in my bed. I assemble as much of my thoughts into coherent sentences in my head and then write it all down in bursts of activity behind my computer.

@crecerelle I tend to just work in my office.
I am most productive in the morning until around 1pm - after 1pm, I can do editing, but I lose focus easily.

@crecerelle Oddly, I'm a librarian who works remote. I'm a systems librarian for several libraries across the US. I RDP into servers to help them with issues.

I work from home quite a bit, but I get cabin fever every so often and head out into the wide world where I'll work from my favourite coffee shop and the local library which, ironically, I *don't* work for.

I can be productive almost anywhere so long as I have my gear, a decent wifi connection, and my noise canceling headphones!

@crecerelle (boringly) in my office, but mostly at odd times (late evening or early morning), library if it's a task such as summarizing, going through literature etc.

Office plus occasional change of scenery when I need to really change what I'm doing

I love to read in coffee shops while listening to jazz.

For work, it's all techno and in a tidy clean space. Same with writing.

@crecerelle I prefer to study in library, possibly with friends near

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