@mz Welcome! I had a look at your website of the Biennale of Western Balkans, and I like the Sonic Minds exhibit. I am using/creating similar sound maps in my research -- without the artistic mindset, though.
Will there be some follow-up and/or documentation of the ?

Just heard a very interesting talk about , and some other stuff by @RubenVerborgh@twitter.com.
Anyone dabbling with these?
Any thoughts?

Getting the context for a presentation on urban archeology in connection with city planning at . Rescue excavations in Istanbul are inherently multidisciplinary.

Millions of archeological pieces from Ottoman through Byzantine, Hellenistic, back to prehistoric at construction sites in Turkey. Unbelievably huge task managed with GIS xyz coordinates.

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I'm a retired scientific glassblower, using digital technologies to document my lifelong learning and complete further college degrees. I perform in educational historic re-enactments and study Social Sciences, Digital Humanities, Science and the Useful Arts.



Thinking about steganography in sound files, netflix, and how digital technologies could have been used to resist and fight the Nazis if computers as we know and use them today had been available back then.
Just thinking.
Or is this already alternate history?

@PeterWakker Hi there! I am out here. Critical digital humanist at KU Leuven here.

Currently exploring new developments in Digital Humanities at KU Leuven

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