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Hello everyone! I’m a PhD student studying atmospheric physics; Arctic snow, at the moment, to be more specific. Most of my work is of the computational/data analysis variety, though I’m working both with data from remote sensing observations and from models. I spend much of my time wrangling large datasets with Python, but thankfully, I enjoy doing it (most of the time)!

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"The science of thermodynamics is based on four fundamental postulates, or axioms, which are called the Four Laws of Thermodynamics. Of these four laws, the second law was discovered first, and the first law was discovered second, and the third to be discovered was called the zeroth law, and the fourth law is called the third law. Now, all of that makes perfect sense because thermodynamics is the most implacably logical of all the sciences."

---David L. Goodstein

Just a note that OCO-3’s predecessor, OCO-2, has similar measurement capabilities, but a different orbit, and OCO-3 has a better pointing mechanism (among other things). The overlap in the two missions will be helpful for calibrating the instruments against each other, too!

The other cool thing about OCO-3 is that it can measure the light emitted by plants undergoing photosynthesis, which allows us to quantify how much CO2 is being absorbed by plants. The OCO-3 orbit gives particularly good coverage of regions of the Earth where a lot of vegetation grows (eg. the Amazon).

The Orbiting Carbon Observatory 3 (OCO-3) is an instrument that will be making observations of CO2 over a large portion of the globe from the International Space Station. It’ll be able to measure CO2 at different times of the day in the regions it observes (thanks to the geometry of the ISS orbit), and it’s also able to capture detailed snapshots of CO2 over regions of interest.

Here’s a fact sheet (PDF) for the curious:

So glad to see that OCO-3 arrived! I’m very hyped to see the new science that comes out of this one!

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Great to look out the window and see a visitor! Welcome aboard @spacex-17. Read about all the science and cargo it brought here: 

I’m extremely hyped about OCO-3!

They’re putting an instrument on the ISS to help measure CO2 on Earth!

Here’s a nice article about it:

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There’s only one letter separating “grad school” and “grade school”... really makes you think...

These things may or may not only seem profound to me because I’m still a bit jet-lagged after a trip I returned from several days ago

Even the phrase “grad school” itself is sort of an oxymoron now that I think about it; “grad” implies you’re done with your studies while “school” implies you’re not.

Grad school is a strange sort of liminal space. We’re not quite students, but not quite faculty either.

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