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Hello everyone! I’m a PhD student studying atmospheric physics; Arctic snow, at the moment, to be more specific. Most of my work is of the computational/data analysis variety, though I’m working both with data from remote sensing observations and from models. I spend much of my time wrangling large datasets with Python, but thankfully, I enjoy doing it (most of the time)!

Carina Nebula Close Up

Image Credit: NASA, ESA, Hubble, ESO, Amateur Data; Processing & Copyright: Robert Gendler & Roberto Colombari #APoD

I just wish I’d remembered more of the science from that meeting, and less of the grant-related stuff

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me: “I don’t remember much from this meeting I went to. Most of it was stuff about funding that was hard to listen to, because I don’t find it very interesting.”

me, 2 minutes later: -provides a surprisingly thorough summary of some new, somewhat controversial government research grant process-

impostor syndrome 

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They ended up replying to me with an exclamation mark in their email, so now, I worry that I came across as unenthusiastic

But then, I doubt anyone thinks that much about emails they receive from me; I definitely don’t overthink the phrasing in emails I receive. For the most part. As long as they’re not very important

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It takes me ages to send academic emails, because I’m always second-guessing phrasing and etiquette and such

My latest dilemma: Do I use an exclamation mark? Do I not? Would it be too much?

grad student free food tips 

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grad student free food tips 

I really should map one of the keys on my keyboard to the degree symbol

I should probably just put a mat under my desk in my office, but that requires forethought, which I lack

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I keep forgetting to wipe the snow off my boots when I go to campus, and I end up having to do the “walk of shame” in which I walk down the hallway with very squeaky boots and try my best to walk quietly so as not to bother anyone

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The answer, incidentally, is that it depends on how old the sea ice is; new ice tends to be very salty, but older sea ice is generally fresh! There’s more information below, for the curious:

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When I search the phrase “sea ice” online (which I do occasionally), the question “Is sea ice drinkable?” often comes up, which amuses me greatly

I wish I knew more about meteorology. I know a bit about large-scale atmospheric dynamics, which has some overlap, but meteorologists have different vocabulary that can make listening to talks a slightly surreal experience.

I should probably do some reading, but I’m eternally behind on reading

Briefly saw of my research collaborators today, and he told me “I’m running a session on [topic very relevant to my research] at [conference] and you’re gonna be there”

so yeah, it’s nice to be wanted

literally just a single paragraph of my paper is giving me more trouble than any of the rest of it right now

My February went from “this is my rest month” to “I guess I’m travelling to two different meetings within ten days of each other, and one of them is out of the country.”

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my semester has basically accelerated from 0-100 (m/s) near instantaneously and it’s only the third day back on campus

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