Hello everyone! I’m a PhD student studying atmospheric physics; Arctic snow, at the moment, to be more specific. Most of my work is of the computational/data analysis variety, though I’m working both with data from remote sensing observations and from models. I spend much of my time wrangling large datasets with Python, but thankfully, I enjoy doing it (most of the time)!

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Oh yeah, and for the curious, my account handle is a pun on the words “cryosphere” (parts of the Earth system containing frozen water, roughly speaking) and “oblate spheroid” (the shape of the Earth).

@cryospheroid Hi welcome!

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But if you read that and think "yes I"m in the right place!" then pull up a chair and make yourself at home :)

@bstacey Hello! It’s always cool to see others who do physics! (Although I admittedly don’t spend much time looking at equations of motion these days, haha)

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