The more I teach, the more I feel like my brain interprets teaching as some weird sort of performance art. I’m basically just constantly flailing around the classroom trying to express myself.

Not sure that’s how you’re supposed to do teaching, but it works well enough for me!

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@cryospheroid It is! Teaching is very physical.
I spend so much time walking around gesticulating, writing, then kneeling beside students to help, sitting on my desk, blah blah blah
It helps keep the pace active and students more alert in my experience as well cause you're running around not just somberly dictating in place

@Cyborgneticz Good to hear that I’m doing something right! It comes very naturally to me, (my ADHD hyperactivity helps a lot with that,) I just wonder sometimes if I’m not going overboard when I find myself doing stuff like spinning in circles around the classroom to demonstrate rotational motion, haha

(Fortunately, I have yet to injure myself with any of my teaching shenanigans!)

@cryospheroid Mmm I think it works. I definitely move a lot in part because of anxiety, gotta get the move on to get the !!!!!! out.

Hey you can always give your kids surveys about what practices do they like in class, what practices would they want changed, and what do they not want

I did that survey 3x with my sophomores. It was super helpful!

@Cyborgneticz Oh yeah, I’ve had a bunch of surveys (they’re generally just things the department runs) and fortunately, the only complaints I generally get are about the material (which I often have little to no control over). My current summer gig does exit slips and feedback forms and the only complaints I generally got over the years were people being confused early in the week (which is kind of by design; this is an “enrichment program” sort of thing). So I guess I’m doing okay!

@cryospheroid I really like exit slips! It sounds like you're killing it, with that many opportunities for critique and not being absolutely destroyed - you're doing great.
Keep spinning

@Cyborgneticz Thank you! To be honest I think part of it is that physics students generally just don’t comment much—I haven’t won any teaching awards, either—but it’s nice to at least not have people being mean to me for the most part, haha. Big respect to you for teaching full-time, though; it’s a lot of work!

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