Didn’t take any photos while I was measuring snow density, but check out these beautiful snow layers I saw on a raised section of pavement!

Whoa, I haven't looked at this year's Arctic sea ice extent in a few weeks, we're having a surprisingly icy summer! Apparently, we might be headed for the highest minimum since 2014. (Note that we can't extrapolate trends from single years and sea ice is still trending downwards--this is still lower than the 1981-2010 median--but it's interesting to see this sort of variability!)


“Why is it so cold all of a sudden?” I wonder to myself, and then I look at a jet stream map, and... oh.

Bunch of cold air right over where I am, go figure!

Here's an idea of the sort of stuff I'm talking about (this isn't clipart but I'm gonna use it because it's great)

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It's really just a quirk of the current location of the jet stream, but I find it funny how it just so happens to be positioned in a way that there's snow over most of the country except for the area I'm located at, go figure

(Map courtesy of Environment and Climate Change Canada, weather.gc.ca/jet_stream/index )

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COVID, contact tracing app 

I haven't gotten much of my actual work done today, but I did figure out how to plot the total key count from the JSON file exported by my phone's COVID-19 contact tracing. As usual, pandas (in python) is super helpful for handling timestamps!

(This is not my exposure, but the number of keys that were sent to my phone at each time to check for exposure, I believe.)

Sea ice melt ponds, some facts! 

Melt ponds form on sea ice during the warmer spring and summer seasons, and their presence can accelerate ice melt. Since the ponds are much darker than the surrounding ice, (i.e. they have a lower albedo,) they absorb more solar radiation, which leads to more warming.

The difference in colour between the ponds and the surrounding ice can be quite striking!

(Photo courtesy of NASA; more information here: commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/Fil )

Forgot to post this before, but there were melt ponds forming at the park a few days ago!

Presumably they’re sitting on top of the ice built up from the freezing rain, and they flooded some of the walking paths as well, but it’s an interesting sight to see nonetheless!

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