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Hi everyone! My name is Christian Spannagel. I'm a professor for mathematics and computer science education at Heidelberg University of Education. I am interested in many things :), especially in the inverted classroom method (), , , and .

No cigarettes since 3 years, no alcohol since 2 years. For a year now I have been eating mostly vegan resp. vegetarian. Since some months no more caffeine. The best effect in addition to the effects on health and well-being: I feel more self-determined in my consumption behavior.

Passend zur aktuellen Diskussion zum hier ein Video von Schule im Gespräch, in dem Marco Ringel mit mir über informatische Bildung spricht:

After the summer break, a new phase of my research activity will begin for me. I plan to set aside a certain amount of time each day for reading and writing. Do you have daily reading and writing rituals, and if so, what are they?

When traveling from Germany to Wales, you need to know at least two fractions: 5/3 and 6/5. Why? :)

Very good article by Daniel Lambach and Caroline Kärger for lecturers who are new to the model - not limited to political science!

Lambach, D. & Kärger, C. (2021). Inverting the Classroom in Large-Enrollment Classes: A Beginner’s Guide. Journal of Political Science Education 17(4), 641-652.

My workshop about the inverted classroom in STEM lectures has been recorded and is online now (in German):

Dear Linux desktop apps, you have full authorization to create a folder in my ~/.config directory, you are even invited to stuff your data in my ~/.local/share directory, and let's not forget about that ~/.cache y'all! Wunderbar! Much freedom!

So, now, please repeat after me:


Thank you kindly

Yucca filamentosa contest :) - our is 2,50 m high. What about yours?


Rainbows are actually full circles, typically visible from higher vantage points, such as planes or tall buildings.

Credit: Fabricio Maciel


The "Leipzig fuers Klima" team have completed painting a giant representation of the Warming Stripes on the Sachsenbrücke in Leipzig.

#ShowYourStripes #Leipzig #FFF #Climate #Klima

Forum for educational research on "Education in a digitalized world" - The deadline of the Call for Papers has been extended to 15. July.

hedgehodges having fun 

Two hedgehogs having fun in our garden at night :)

Everytime when I participate in a hybrid meeting as the only online person projected to the wall, I feel as if I had completely been uploaded to the metaverse. :)

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