A Former Googler Explains Why the U.K.’s Contact Tracing App Was a Disaster


The development of the app has taken months and cost millions of pounds from taxpayers.

No, Pirate Bay Uploaders Should Not Get Paid!


Interesting mini thread about the impact of money affecting the notion of "sharing is caring" model of piracy

Video contains some upsetting covid19 and death scenes 

"I killed my mother with my own hands. I brought the virus home"

Covid-19 is the latest enemy faced by families in Iraq and it's overrunning its hospitals and cemeteries


For the past 20 minutes someone has been trying to run a DDoS attack on Masto.host host servers.

The traffic is being syphoned to avoid a full disruption of service. Meaning that each connection needs to be filtered before reaching the server. So, it is possible that some users may experiencing some connection delays.

Sorry about that. I will let you know if I have more information.

White Parents, Raising Black Children - Uncomfortable Conversations with a Black Man - Ep. 6


Emmanuel Acho sits down with Aaron & Jamie Ivey + their kids, to have an uncomfortable conversation about the struggles, differences and what they have learned, in raising black, white and mixed children. Emmanuel asks the Ivey's if they fear for their black children's lives and if the kids would rather have black parents raising them.

I'm super excited to be presenting a session for the Fediverse #SummerSchool on LGBTQ+ Allyship and how to create space for and postitive conversation around queer people in research, work, and academia.

Check out all the other amazing sessions and sign up here: docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAI

Hope to see you there!

Amid the Movement, Hollywood Examines Its Own History of Racism


There’s no one right answer to solving the ills of an entire industry—the only certainty is that none of these issues are new.

When people of colour tell you there is a problem, there is a problem! Because we all know it would be a different response if it wasn't a person of colour


Microsoft, LinkedIn to Retrain Unemployed Workers for In-Demand Jobs


The companies will offer free training programs for 10 roles such as software developer found to be the most sought-after using LinkedIn data.

Another reason for not going out yesterday during the

The government says pubs, restaurants and cafes – as well as hotels, museums, cinemas, zoos and hairdressers when they reopen – should collect information about every single person who has visited.

Really like to turn this into a collaborative database/airtable/gsheet, so people can add more and we can keep an eye on their sometimes zero promises.

Amazingly work, like to add UK & EU companies too

US/UK - Where Next for the Anti Racist Movement


From the US to the UK Where Next for the Anti Racist Movement Online meeting with Rev. Jesse Jackson, Diane Abbott MP...

Google to auto-delete users' records by default

Google is changing its default settings to automatically delete some of the data it collects about users.

UK friends: Any recommendations for travel health insurance when visiting the USA on holiday?

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