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the next time i hear the word ontological i might cry

thinking about the time i had to fix a website w/ a flash of unstyled content because it loaded the css stylesheet in <header> instead of <head>

[me, looking at a problem] oh yeah i know what it's asking me to prove [proceeds to try to prove something completely different from what it's asking]

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ive also come to realize that no, i cannot just look at a .tex file and understand whats going on

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i've decided that latex is fine. i don't want to regularly write in it but i will allow it to exist

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mathematical proof and close reading are exactly the same thing. close reading just involves a lot more words. in this essay i will

my prof, reading my essay: see, the word here is "seed" not "seeds," what does it mean that cadmus is sowing one (1) singular seed instead of teeth

me, ignoring this, turning to the oed: "seed, n. a. As a mass noun: plant seeds (see sense 1b), esp. when used for sowing to produce a new crop. Also: various other parts of plants (esp. tubers and bulbs) used for this purpose"

the order in which i wrote these annotations and also! how comfortable i am with the ideas in each text is so obvious sdjfhsjdhfjh

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the thing is that the annotated bib is ordered by alphabetical last name, not the order in which i wrote the annotations, so it's 100% going to jump from more well thought out stuff that i just wrote -> the dingiest 2 paragraphs you've ever seen

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reading stuff in this annotated bibliography that i wrote ~2 days ago and going oh god this is horrible

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Walter Wallace Jr Family Support GoFundMe. His wife is carrying their child and is due soon.

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> Many other tech workers I talk to want to work somewhere that prioritizes people over profits, where they can work for the social good rather than the bottom line. These new campaigns are the first stirrings of their realization that finding a “better” job at a “better” company can’t bring them that. Only organizing with their coworkers can.

> What could we win if Uber programmers stand with drivers, if Amazon programmers stand with warehouse workers?

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*on my first day in CS 101*

ME: Excuse me, professor, but are computers not more art than they are science?

PROFESSOR: Can you please leave? You're 39 years old

4-5 pages double spaced is an ENTIRELY different beast from 4-5 pages single spaced

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i am once again asking for my professors to either give me a word count for assignments rather than page count, or to tell me exactly how to style the documents im turning in

the problem with annotated bibs is that everything out there about them is about latex and i am not using latex. i dont know latex please stop talking to me about it

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pandoc question 

anyone know how to generate an annotated bibliography with pandoc/markdown + bibtex?

i dont know what a makefile is and at this point im too afraid to ask

> As much as we want to believe that evil, of which snotty preteen girls absolutely are a kind, is punished, it so often flies under the radar, or in this case, is greatly rewarded.

i'm having too much fun in this essay arent i

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