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the next time i hear the word ontological i might cry

shakespeare, melville: easy
theory from the late 1970s: difficult
anything written after the year of our lord 2000: utterly impossible

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theory: the more recent a text is, the longer it takes for me to read it

lb look at this shiny new account i wonder what it could be used for :ferris_thinking:

me: poetic/traumatic/fractured and repeating time through code, for loops, processor cache and branch prediction????

everyone else in the room, nodding: we have no idea what ur talking about but we appreciate you

me: :BlobCatPats:

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i love hanging out with friends from a lit class after going to a talk together who will tolerate me rambling incoherently about for loops and if/else statements in code and also how processors work in a room where probably no one else codes, and then trying to find some sort of poetic meaning in this... thanks for indulging my trash thoughts

(the writing is a group mate's not mine and the fish image isnt any of ours)

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game engines course is good because we can write disney fanfiction and turn it in for a grade

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moby dick is such a great text to mess with when it comes to anything with computers bc its just so big. yall have lorem ipsum and i have chapter 1: loomings

thinking about how often i go "ugh i don't want to think about videogame collision anymore" then immediately proceed to think about collision a great deal

configuring vim to say trans rights on startup

i don't know any of the theory behind finite state machines to be clear. it looks cool tho :0

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tbh collision detection sounds fine and interesting for non-aabbs but restitution sounds impossible

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last week i was like, i kind of want to try and implement non-aabb collision, sounds interesting :) i've tried for seven months to restitute rectangles properly but i think it would be a fun challenge :) and I Take That Back

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i continue to doubt that anyone has ever written working, functional aabb collision. i no longer think it's real. no more collision in videogames

OH i understand why im getting that type error now, mmmmmmmmmmmmnng,

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...yup, vtables STILL get in the way, i really don't want to break out an Rc<RefCell<_>> aaaaaaaaaa

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this still might not work for a.......... few reasons......... but................. mmnghh........................

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