thinking about grad student strikes and wondering about the dynamic between professors and undergrads, especially since i go to a liberal arts college. lots of talks seem to assume that undergrads wont be present or in solidarity

but like, at my college faculty & undergrads interact directly and-- as someone whos currently doing summer research, watching people update projects at 3am-- i cant help but feel that it opens us wayyyyy up to be exploited

@cxli in my homecountry there seems to be a lot of disconnect between undergrad, grad, and professorial struggles. And by disconnect, I mean an utter lack of awareness/information about each others' struggles and situations, and even some dehumanizing.

@danielscardoso dang that sucks :( i wish there could be some sort of solidarity on all levels bc we're all exploited by universities/colleges just in different ways

@cxli at least where I come from, the students VS teachers mentality carried over from elementary / secondary school still seems to be very much alive, and so solidarity is made difficult because education is articulated as an adversarial dynamic.

@danielscardoso mm, im lucky enough to have a majority of professors who are cool and nice but i've had some who are still shitty and? eugh

@cxli but it also works the other way around - I've had my fair share of low-key bullying from students because I'm openly CNM (outside of the classroom I mean...), do research on Porn Studies, etc...

@danielscardoso mmm yeah that sucks! and i dont mean to diminish your experiences but its just rly shitty all the way around.

i wish i knew more about labor organizing, i dont know that it'll ~solve all our problems~ but i feel like solidarity across hierarchies has to be something the labor movement has dealt with and has a perspective on?

@cxli oh, for sure. But I guess what I was trying to get at is that a first step towards hierarchies has to do with how we are made to be placed in aggression towards one another through false dychotomies and in-group/out-group dynamics. Naming and addressing those dynamics openly in a self-contained space seems to me to be fundamental to that.

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