Last day to sign up to attend !

(Don't worry, we won't be shaming you if you sign up and can't make it or anything—this is just so we can send you the link to the video conference room instead of publishing them and getting the chat spammed or something)

All the presenters are amazing and we'd love to have your feedback or even just your listening ears :)

Also, I'm presenting and I want mine to have a good audience haha

See you at !

@bgcarlisle is there a way to change the talks I signed up for? I think there are ones I didn't check that I now realise I want to check out.


@zx yea feel free to fill out a second reponse (add a note if you want to remove a talk from your previous response, or if you want to replace your previous response entirely, or whatever) and we'll handle it 👌

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