at 6pm utc today @RaoOfPhysics will be presenting about the large hadron collider and the higgs boson, and using Very Big things to study the Very, Very Small for ! ⛰🐜

after that join us at 9pm utc for a final wrap up and thank you and dance party??? with @Cyborgneticz 💃 💃 💃 we did it!

cy is there actually going to be a dance party bc i don't remember what you said in our dms and there's like a 90% chance that this is a blatant lie

UPDATE i am hearing that there will be no dance party :( however there will be beverages of ur choice, alcoholic or otherwise 🍷🥤, and a Possibility of sick tunes 🎶

no dancing, but yes to alcohol 

@cxli It's an absolute lie, BUT I will be drinking wine and encourage people to enjoy drinks as well, whether or not they are alcoholic :BlobCatGooglyShrug:

There's also a Firm chance that I'll start the zoom at 3.30 and there will be dance jams playing

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