hi new users! this is a reminder that mastodon's culture is NOT the same as twitter's-- you're entering a community, not a void, and we're reading your posts and want to interact with you

please don't treat this place as "twitter but with a new ui." the influx has been overwhelming for some of us who've been around for a while, we're happy to see new faces but please be considerate of the people around you as you join this space. thank u

also pay @bgcarlisle so they can upgrade the masto server to deal with how many new users are here now

@cxli I want to do that but I'm not sure how! Any advice?

@hammerj ok this is geared toward how i like my social media, which is: slow, intentional, mostly replies and talking to friends. it's also geared toward when there aren't a flood of new users

i like checking the local timeline to see what people are up to without following them/seeing if i want to follow them at all, but it's Very noisy right now, at least for me

@hammerj you can change the privacy settings of your posts-- public posts go to the local timeline, unlisted/private go only to your followers. i only post public if i want to call attention to something or ask questions, unlisted/private for more informal stuff. it depends on what you're comfortable with though, i'm shy so i stick to unlisted/private most of the time

@hammerj in general if things get overwhelming, the mute, block, and filter functions are your friends. you can also turn off boosts for less posts on your home timeline on the web interface

i'd suggest taking it slow, right now theres a lot of activity and it's kinda overwhelming, heh. when it settles down i think it'll be a nicer place to get to know people, heh

i hope that helps?? lmk if you have more specific questions. welcome to scholarsoc please enjoy ur stay

@cxli @hammerj

Is this quite right?

The default option.

Anyone can see your post at the permalink without logging in.
Your post will appear in-app in the public timelines.
Your followers will receive the post in their home feeds, and anyone mentioned will receive the post in notifications.
Your post can be boosted into other home feeds.


@hammerj @cxli


Exactly the same as public, but with the following difference:

Your post will not appear in Mastodon's public timelines.


A more limited delivery option...

@cxli @hammerj

A more limited delivery option.

Seeing your post at the permalink requires being logged in on the same website as someone who follows you or was mentioned.
Your post will not appear in-app except to followers browsing your profile, and to anyone mentioned.
Your followers will receive the post in their home feeds, and anyone mentioned will receive the post in notifications.
Your post cannot be boosted, except by yourself."

@hammerj @cxli

I'm new at this, so am, by all means, very happy to be corrected!

@cxli That makes sense to me, and that's very much what I'm here for. I find it really reassuring that it's something you've been able to create, even if things are a bit chaotic right now. ♥️

@sonjalemke @MaxiReimers oh, pro tip; if you want to tag someone into a post without notifying the op, you can delete the @ of the person you're replying to. i won't get notifs for replies if i'm not tagged in them

(i got confused and wondered if i was missing someone's post bc some instances are silenced here, so i wouldn't be able to see their posts)

@cxli thank you I didn't knew that :) thought I needed it to be a reply to that.

@cxli @heyrochelle thank you for this reminder. Are there particular things it is best to avoid/do to help ease this influx into the space?

@Finz hello! for one, are you using the toot! app? tagging the person you've boosted from isn't generally a thing people do unless they want to talk to the person they're boosting from. you can turn that off in settings if you like

here r some masto pro tips
- learn about post privacy (!!!!)
- hang out in the local timeline-- it's like the general channel for ur instance (maybe not rn, the influx means everything is loud)
- take it slow, don't panic
- just like. generally be nice, yknow

@Finz in general masto is not a great place to go viral, for me getting more than ~5 boosts on a post is overwhelming and i have to mute it. (i'm suffering rn)

i think of it as a more intentional, slow place to have conversations with people. not like, a place to drop quippy boostable content™ every few hours

@cxli yes I am using Toot!

Ngā mihi for the tips 👍

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