while you were doing hardcore graphics programming i studied the blade, and by "studied the blade" i mean that i made this. check it out ->

@todrobbins twine is definitely a huge influence for me! this one's not as robust when it comes to links that loop, which is most of what i like to do in twine, but it's 100% less javascript haha

@cxli for sure! i liked the flow and the way you utilized <details> 💯

@cxli 💜 you've really become so talented at combining your creative writing and tech skills. it's a very specific combination and you do it so well it's absolutely lovely to experience

@cxli 💜 💜 i'm excited to experience future projects

@Cyborgneticz @cxli @CaribenxMarciaX Cynth! This is absolutely lovely! You got the skills & this needs to be widely shared! Cynth, do you & @aparrish know each other already? If not, I think you'd get along since you both live at the intersection of poetry & computation.

@rusty *blushing furiously* thank u rusty

and yeah @aparrish is a big influence for me, her work is rly cool :")

@cxli wow, thank you so much for sharing this. I feel honored, like I've just shared a moment of extreme emotional intimacy with you.

Also, this is extremely inspiring; I'm gonna go check out that little game engine now :3

@juliana ah!! i'm honored really, if you end up doing something with it i'd absolutely love to see what you make (it does involve downloading a whole other programming language so like. i get it if you don't though x_x)

@cxli thanks for sharing, and thanks also for the link to soft corruptor.

@okf yeaaahh everest pipkin fucking rules right!!! i love their work ;w;

@cxli this is so good and beautiful i love it and you :BlobCatHeart: you weave words and websites together so fucking well

@cxli oh wow this is really something

i like getting to pick how i want to keep reading; do i keep the same flavor or try a different one? it's like a word charcuterie plate

@cxli truly beautiful, Cynthia. I really enjoyed reading/playing/exploring. It reminds me of old skool internet sites where people expressed themselves freely, prior to social media. Thank you!

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