once again im glad that i entered the videogames scene through qtpoc indie devs and game critics

feminist queer crip by alison kafer, ch5: the cyborg and the crip

im happy abt getting this commit in! its for a gitlab pages generated :emacs: org-mode site (smth im not familiar with at all), fixes a problem with the css loading (it was being loaded in <header> instead of <head> lmfao), and also is one of my first (meaningful) contributions while working in a shared git repo

caps, textbook return 


44 pages in and we've already gotten the obligatory xkcd comic (watch me play, t l taylor)

institutional access to jstor, or: downloading all the chapters of this book i want to read individually, or:

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dunno why i hadn't thought of this notation for writing macrons earlier, it's not like anyone other than me is going to look at this document-- easier & faster to write/search

(previously i was using keyboard shortcuts w/ autohotkey, and likely still will use them)

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