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[folding my hands together] so who was going to tell me that impl Trait syntax was a thing in parameters or was i supposed to find that out reading lecture notes myself

me: yes, bumping down the version of this crate is a small change
the small change: x and y fields of a 2d vector can no longer be accessed by their fields, every instance of this has to be replaced with x(), y(), set_x(), set_y(), etc

i feel so bad for rust-analyzer whenever im messing around with dependencies bc i'm just hitting the big red button that says "build!!!" again and again

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ooh you must have misheard, i'm not a programmer I'm a PRO at GRAMMAR

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ssh tech mystery, help? 

For a few months now, when I ssh to one particular machine from Win10 via Putty or WinSCP, after entering valid credentials I get this error: "remote side unexpectedly closed network connection." For Putty, this happens on stable 0.74, the current dev snapshot, and even an older version, 0.60. WinSCP is the latest stable version.

When I ssh from the same machine, booted into linux, it works fine.

I found only unanswered support threads googling for the error message.

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“The term ‘diversity’ has been understood as a replacement term, taking the place of earlier terms such as ‘equal opportunities’ or ‘antiracism’... There is a great deal of suspicion within [the HE sector] that the term ‘diversity’ is an import... critics suggest that the increasing use of the language of diversity reflects the spread of of a US managerial discourse... diversity can be used as a way of making the university into a marketplace.”
- Sarah Ahmed, “On Being Included” (2010)

the rust programming language 🤝 19th century american literature, probably
being obsessed with ownership

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programming 🤝 phenomology
being obsessed with objects

thank you project gutenberg for my life


banana bread ontology discourse in the game engines programming course today

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"And I compose the poem
a silence broken like a dog's
tooth drips in baroque
words dressed in hyena's blood
the night traces dead
leaves on our walls
and on our walls shivers
a skeletal dream
that harbors
all the dead of our Atlantic sea."
-- A "photogram" from Moroccan poet Ahmed Bouanani, translated from the French by Emma Ramadan

the issue i was having was that i needed a build.gradle file in the project root..... except i've never set up a gradle project before?? idk how gradle/maven work......

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"didnt you say you were using ycm for code completion, what happened" ycm doesn't officially support nvim and one particularly bad experience with box<dyn trait> type errors later,

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i rly dont want to set up Another editor for java...........

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setting up java language server stuff and i'm going to scream (i know i should use anything Except vim for writing java but the alternative is eclipse, which is worse)

i *have* read becoming animal before and found it mildly to moderately incomprehensible

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hello if i were going to read deleuze/guattari outside of class... without a philosophy/theory background.... what would i start with

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Odd happenings at Google, Meg Mitchell (lead of the Ethical AI team) has been locked out of her corporate email account for 5 weeks, and was just fired by email to her personal email address.

no one was going to tell me that in rust you can have struct variants for enums?????

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