My name is Clay! I'm a sophomore at Morehead State University in Kentucky. My major is geospatial science - basically, using satellites to observe the Earth!

My minor is global studies. I think the ability to understand data doesn't matter very much if one can't apply it to people in a respectful way, with their enthusiastic consent.

Other interests of mine include: amateur radio, watching trains, gardening, banjo-playing, and weaving!

@dailyclay Hi Clay! I've hiked a bunch around Morehead State :)

@archivist that's so cool! there are a bunch of good spots out here. i'll be doing part of sheltowee this fall with my roommates!

@dailyclay Welcome to the fediverse! This intro intrigues me because my longest-running clients are a data-for-development org and a project to map coral reefs from satellite imagery, and your 2nd paragraph is a deeply important thing that well intentioned projects often miss.

@eldang mapping coral reefs sounds incredibly interesting!!! i'd love to hear more.
(and, thank you. i just want to be a good neighbor as a scientist.)

@dailyclay It's super cool! My role has very little to do with the actual image retrieval or analysis--I'm basically the data plumber--but I'm enjoying learning as much as I can about those parts as I go.

@eldang that is still exciting - thank you for letting me read about it!

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