Hi Scholar! I’ve joined this instance a few years ago, but I’ve been too shy to introduce myself. My name is Damiano, I am a medical doctor in Public Health. I work as statistician at the University Hospital of Caen Normandy (France) and as assistant professor in statistics and public health at the University of Caen. […]


[…] My (personal) research work focuses mainly on end-stage kidney disease. I look for risk factors of cardiovascular events in the French population treated by dialysis or transplantation. For that, I use the database of the French National Health Insurance. I am a huge fan, and though I have a no data science / programming background, I am doing quite well.

@damiacer as someone with kidney disease in my family, thanks for your research :)

@xyzzy Thank you! My research currently focusses on risk factors of cardiovascular events in a specific subpopulation of ESRD (the autosomal dominant polycystic kidney disease, ADPKD, population) but I plan to broad the target as soon as possible. Thank you for your message :)

@damiacer adpkd is exactly what runs in my family! i luckily avoided it but my moms side of the family has had it popping up for multiple generations, including in her.

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