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I'm Daniel (they/them), a Marie Curie Research Fellow working in the UK (Manchester) but actually from Portugal.

PhD in Communication Sciences.

I work mostly with gender, sexualities and new media. Main areas of interest are Consensual Non-Monogamies , , , , .

Will always rant about the Anglosphere.


I'm starting to explore synth music in the most amateur way so if you're curious, have a listen!

transphobia, medical 

Just got asked by my practice if they can put down "«male» as your gender and not your sexuality", because I don't have a cervix. 😫

sexuality, publication, book chapter, internet 

Yay, it's (almost) out!
Cardoso, D., & Scarcelli, C. M. (2021). Breaking the silence: Young people, sex information and the internet in Italy and Portugal. In C. M. Scarcelli, D. Chronaki, S. D. Vuyst, & S. V. Baselga (Eds.), Gender and Sexuality in the European Media: Exploring Different Contexts Through Conceptualisations of Age. Routledge.

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Hey, ignore people who tell you things you make "aren't art". It's gatekeeping

Did you wish to express an idea or emotion? Did you take a transformative action in the process? Congratulations! You made An Art!

We can all decide if we like it or not. We can try to figure out if it's Good. We can debate whether it belongs in galleries and museums. But it is most definitely art.

Wendy Carlos, early prolific synth centric score producer and personal trans hero talking about her Moog Modular for nearly 4 minutes.

Your welcome:

academia musings 

I find myself doing the maths to see if I 'deserve' to stop and rest for a bit more often than I'd like to admit

menstruation + covid vax 

Oh hey there's an actual study gathering data on the menstrual side effects of covid vaccines: redcap.healthinstitute.illinoi

I just did the thing and they did a basically fine job of making the language in the survey gender-neutral so that's cool ✔️

If you are a menstruator (past or present) and have had at least one vaccine dose, consider participating!

Application submitted!
My first shot at an ERC Starting Grant. €881K final budget.

celebration, new paper, CNM, polyamory 

Paper accepted!
Cardoso, D., Pascoal, P. M., & Maiochi, F. H. (in press). Defining polyamory: A thematic analysis of lay people’s definitions. Archives of Sexual Behavior.

good article critiquing the british racism report 

really important points in here about how controlling for poverty in statistics concerning race can actually skew those statistics

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(dis)ability, request for help, terminology query 

Hi fediverse. I'm writing a document aimed at youngsters that is supposed to be accessible and educational. I'd love to know if there are any issues with the terminology, especially the expression "(dis)ability", and what suggestions you might have:

«In our everyday lives our gender, sexuality, class, (dis)ability, race, religion, levels of education and more affect how others interact with us and how we navigate norms and expectations.»

Here's my pitch

It's a medical themed American-style diner like those "heart-attack burger" places, where the staff wear scrubs

But the theme is the opposite

The menu is formatted like the References section of a journal article, and every entry is an actual meta-analysis that suggests that the food item in question is protective against cancer, heart disease, etc.

"I'll have a large Gallus et al, 2003 and two Bøhn et al, 2013's."

You get 5% off if can you order from just a list of DOIs

covid-19, personal 

First jab: check! :D
It really does a number on you, spending a year fearing for one's life because of risk factors...

peer review, whiteness, ranting 

So, dear paper that I'm peer revieweing. You claim to use intersectionality as a framework but then analyze gender and ethnicity in completely separate statistical groups. 😩


This is mostly for the Cis-Hets who surround me in a daily basis, but can we, as a society, PLEASE stop adding gendered identifiers to EVERYTHING we say??

"Thank you", "Have a nice day", "Come on in", None of these phrases require you to add "Sir", "Man", "Dude", "Buddy", etc after you say them. And yet every single fucking time, you do that!

Please, just stop. I'd rather be Ungendered than Misgendered.

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