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I'm Daniel (they/them), a Marie Curie Research Fellow working in the UK (Manchester) but actually from Portugal.

PhD in Communication Sciences.

I work mostly with gender, sexualities and new media. Main areas of interest are Consensual Non-Monogamies , , , , .

Will always rant about the Anglosphere.

To angry straights and respectability gays everywhere:

If your day can be ruined by the mere fact of me wearing tights that make me happy

You deserve to have your day ruined

disability, economic privilege, medical condition 

So today, after 10+ years of daydreaming aobut it, I ordered myself a Herman Miller Aeron chair (2nd hand!), in the hopes it will help with my back pain due to bad posture and a herniated disk. Feeling conflicted about it.
(If you don't know what an Aeron chair is, suffice it to say it's a chair with its own Wikipedia page.)

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Introduction: , and consensual non-monogamy. Critical and queer perspectives

Bonus list: Black Literature Compendium

As far as I know these are no longer being updated, most were put together ~2020 iirc.

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Lists of resource I keep forgetting to share: transliberation, organizing, Black radical politics, anti-racism 

academia, exploitation, basic human needs 

*between two 3-hour lectures

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academia, exploitation, basic human needs 

I had to *request* I be given time to *have lunch* as my department was drafting the schedules for the next semester. So I was given 30 minutes to have lunch in between two 2-hour lectures.

BDSM, Livestream, Portuguese 

It was recorded and so I'm leaving the link here. Note: it is in Portuguese and no subtitles were included by the promoting entity.

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In here:

Justice Thomas: "[W]e should reconsider all of this Court’s substantive due process precedents, including Griswold, Lawrence, and Obergefell...SCOTUS has "a duty to 'correct the error' established" in landmark cases on the rights to contraception, same-sex relationships and same-sex marriage."

Just for people who think they'll stop with abortion or any other right that isn't enshrined in hyper-conservative, hate-filled Christianity.

They won't stop with gutting anyone's rights, even their own voters.

Get yourself involved.

BDSM, Livestream, Portuguese 

This Friday at 9.30pm on Instagram, join me live, for some awareness raising for Medical students on the topic of BDSM! Portuguese only.

rant, research methods 

I feel there is an obsession with "novel" research methods, where "novel" stands in for "better", without much thought to "adequate"

Every consumer VPN service's marketing pitch is "don't trust your ISP! Trust me, a person you've never heard of who lives completely outside your legal jurisdiction"

Dismantling -isms within yourself 

So, the thing about learned behaviour, is that it can be hard to unlearn it because you may not encounter the situations where the behaviour would appear very often.

I wanted to write this about ableist language, and tropes and jokes etc, but I realized it applies to pretty much any thing you want to unlearn.

It will be so ingrained in you, that you don't know you're doing it, before you start. Once you see it though you can't unsee it, but it might take time to dismantle all the issues within you.

Jokes from your childhood, maybe rife with racism, sexism and ableism, but you haven't thought about them since then, so not until you're about to say the thing do you realize there's an issue. And heck it may actually come out of your mouth before you do.

It's okay, it takes time, and you may keep encountering these for your entire life. Just be patient with yourself. And apologize or don't hit send, when you need to.

peer review 

My review had a grand total of about 3500 words. Ugh

peer review 

I hate doing peer review whenever Brandolini's Law applies

love companies claiming to be for social change holding events and seeing literally zero masks

transphobia, suicide, Portugal 

An essay about a pair of youngsters who were prevented by their parents to attend Citizenship classes in Portugal, and how it pertains to cisheteronormativity. Portuguese only.

Where tf are more Black and POC mastadon users?! This is so exhausting! Is there a magic hashtag I don’t know about? These hashtags are NOT working. I seem to be the only one using them. Wyt ppl share this, so Black POC users you know can find each other! Thats if you follow any on here lol! #BlackFedi #BlackMastadon @BlackEnbys #qtibpoc #blacktransmagic

Dicas sobre descrição de imagem 

1. Descreva qual o formato: foto, gif, ilustração, pintura etc.

2. O sujeito: Quem ou o que é o tema, centro da imagem.

3. Descreva qual a paisagem, onde.

4. Descreva que está acontecendo?

5. O tempo recomendado para as descrições é o presente.

"Ex: Foto frontal, em preto e branco, na qual fulano segura uma xícara de café. Fulano é magro, negro, tem cabelo cacheado e está sorrindo."

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