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I'm Daniel (they/them), a Marie Curie Research Fellow working in the UK (Manchester) but actually from Portugal.

PhD in Communication Sciences.

I work mostly with gender, sexualities and new media. Main areas of interest are Consensual Non-Monogamies , , , , .

Will always rant about the Anglosphere.

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Here's the results of a collab I did with a friend and with a photographer.

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So I do an open book exam and the only materials students bring is their own notes. Ugh.

People often say, “Don’t just read white leftists.” And I was always like, “Yeah. That seems right. I should do some research.” Well, this fell into my lap today. Figure others here may find it of interest/use.

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New paper is out (has been for a few days), about media coverage of CNMs in the Portuguese written press! (Portuguese only, sorry!)

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It's out now, my co-authored paper on producers!

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My ERC starting grant application was refused. Got rated B. Did not even make it to the top 35%. Big sad today.


JFC. Anne Rice died earlier this week and today bell hooks??????

web surfing has become all but impossible. nothing links anymore, it's all narcissistic inside linking if anything. i used to surf links across the network, stumbling from one thing to the next, surprises and missteps. now it's all search hubs and feeds rather than networks.

what we use now via the http protocol isn't really the web anymore. there's no web here. it's all silos, standing alone and trying desperately to keep me from leaving. no longer a digital ocean, now small tide pools with no path between, left in the receding wake of the surf.

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The final conference of the CNM-MOVES project was this Saturday, see the recording here

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Hi folx! You are all invited to join me in-person (and socially distanced!) for an event at the MMU, next saturday!
Also, please please share!

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So, did the "now that we talked about Judith Butler I have something to tell you" coming out as NB today in class. I had like 5 students coming to talk to me about it at the end of the lecture. Yay!


If all goes well, it's one paper submitted yesterday, one paper submitted today, and an application for funding kinda-finished today as well.
Who, me, dying? Noooooo

What's your primary OS?

Boosts appreciated for sample size :)

I got some new books (namely and I'm excited to dig into it, especially with the era of companies that are creating new shadow workers and robbing people of their wages (and how we can work to empower these people)

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How to use non-binary pronouns in Spanish, German, French, Italian and Portuguese!
(plus user contributions of other languages in the replies, but there are shitheads out)

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Just a reminder that there is no such thing as "fake news" - there are news, and there is far-right disinformation.
"Fake news" was the term created by Donald Trump to equate real journalists and his own propaganda machine, discrediting the former and legitimizing the latter - it's equivalent to "violence from both sides".
Don't use this language. Name it for what it is, and be clear that it is specifically and exclusively a far right tactic.

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Autistic Answers -- my answer to the lack of autism resources from autistic perspectives in the Lehigh Valley.

if we're being honest with ourselves, we're actually living under normal-stage capitalism

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