Dear internet, does anyone have interesting and practical readings on organizing hybrid (online-offline) conferences and academic events, under a framework of inclusion?

@danielscardoso Michon Neal and I tried to pull something like this together a few years ago. The plan was to do an online conference first and expand to offline as we could afford it.

At the time, I couldn't find any information on how to organize such a thing, almost everything available was about off line conferences.

I can see if I still have any of our old notes on how to pull something together. Not sure how helpful they would be.

@danielscardoso I learned last year about a webdev (?) group that does an online/offline conference. Unfortunately I don't remember the name of the group. If I find it again I'll send you the link.

@danielscardoso Do you have dropbox?

I found most of the files for our conference attempt on my dropbox and share with you directly if that works.

@danielscardoso Philosophy at Manchester have been moving towards doing things online, such as projects.socialsciences.manche I haven't seen any written up guides other than the policies on the conference page.

@danielscardoso Cool. I hadn't known that before clicking on your ORCID.

@twsh perfectly ok, was just happy to see I might actually be able to try and go meet someone to talk about it!

@Aepasek A lot of interesting information to digest - thank you!

@danielscardoso and this is the biggest hybrid conference I've heard about, which would be a good case study to think with: music-psychology-conference201

@Aepasek Hi! I can see that, and thank you for all your resources. For context: I'm part of a conference organization committee who is trying to take what has been a mostly European conference into South America, and thus worried about alienating people who are already committed to the project. We're trying to think up ways of making online participation more inclusive and less of a logistics nightmare (as it usually is in my experience).

@danielscardoso Just dropping two links here, maybe they can give some inspiration or you can contact the organisers? was fully "virtual" and the congress each year does streaming plus "taking questions from the internet":

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