Haha more of this excel clobbering gene names story. LibreOffice gets a shout out as not having the problem.



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From @JamieAlNasir in @PLOSCompBiol | Fifteen quick tips for success with , i.e., responsibly BASHing that Linux cluster | | I like Tip 1: Do the HPC induction: Read the manual | t.co/93lwc0KtY5 t.co/0LdRo2zGPh


@eearroyo1312 Yr reason for studying bacteria made me smile. I teched in a lab studying prefrontal cortex devbio and it was tiring and a little heavy culling litters. I saw animal work as an important part of my grad school app but when I chose my project I stuck to infecting cell culture. Also I couldn't justify to myself the extensive use of animals to advance basic science. I'm still conflicted with that thought because basic science is great/cool... but who does it serve? Anyhoo great talk!

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Hello!! is open for participant signups :BlobCatSurprised:

This year we have talks about delightful computing! philosophy and Star Wars! online communities and neurodivergence! and more!!!

Come to class: docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAI

(graphics by @csepp)

May I suggest you watch Cargo (2018). Why? 

It's a great zombie romp set in Australia where a contrast between indigenous and colonial communities is depicted. I think it does a great job showing that there are different knowledge traditions which do not inherently have superiority over each other. It encourages that we remain open to this reality because the world is full of zombies (unknowns). Plus the ecology of these zombies makes me gush a little.

Online journal club: remdesivir in nCov-2 infected macaques, May 3rd 10EDT (3BST) 

Hello scholar.social! Many years ago I participated in a microbiology journal club on the birbsite .

One of the former members and I are trying again. This time with a video live stream. We both did infectious disease in grad school but are currently a more communications focused fields.

We are planing to talk about this on sunday: biorxiv.org/content/10.1101/20


Please share!

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Upcoming #events at #Biotech without Borders (Brooklyn, NYC) in December. I painted some watercolour cute things to promote. 

Foolishly I put the eventbrite links for editing rather then ones people could actually access:

Synthetic biology class (Dec 7, 15 & 21): eventbrite.com/e/82969890175

Cutting DNA workshop (Dec 5):

Luxturna journal club/discussion (Dec 11):

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Upcoming #events at #Biotech without Borders (Brooklyn, NYC) in December. I painted some watercolour cute things to promote. 

Here are three little things I for social media for some upcoming at without borders. Links are below. Please share!

Synthetic biology class (Dec 7, 15 & 21): eventbrite.com/myevent?eid=829

Cutting DNA workshop (Dec 5):

Luxterna journal club/discussion (Dec 11):

Reflection on place 

Back into the city over the same route as my first time visiting as an adult. Dark water and bridges give way to an all too familiar skyline. At that time i thought it could consume my life so that i may never leave. Indeed the people and institutions are quite amazing. But i have healed some rifts and know more about myself now to have the strength to leave one day. I am certainly impressed and changed by my experiences in the city. But it will not be my home for long.

Ok, biosummit 2019 over. It was all really great. A bit too tired at the end of the final day to forge deeper into the crowds but valuable discussions and connections were had.

Its been eye opening to see the different ways in which diy bio around the world integrates with their localities and begin to build international relationships

This panel on education is amazing and there is a high school student from my alma matter!

Biosummit 2019 begins and i like that we're explicitly being shared some culture norms that seem to be designed to facilitate the safe and open sharing ideas.

After a nice interview about ethics im at the harvard natural history museum! Basically just to read everything in this room

I'm on a train to Biosummit at MIT media lab to meet other DIY biologists, educators, hackers and community members. So psyched!

I'm on a train to Biosummit at MIT media lab to meet other DIY biologists, educators, hackers and community members. So psyched!

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I'd like to take a moment of your timeline to ask folks to use CamelCase in your tags. I didn't know until I came to masto that this helps people who use screen readers parse them as words rather than jumbles of characters. When there are multiple words mashed together in a tag, try capitalising each one, for instance #CommissionMe #CallForArt #LookingForArtist

you can go to an online screen reader site like this one to check out the difference it makes: ttsreader.com #accessibility

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