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This was the Genspace hosted bio event @ Caveat on Friday. I learned about photo microbial fuel cells and got to touch various mycelial materials while sharing a drink with experts and enthusiasts. Great start of a night and even better conversations.

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@nolan I thought this was quite succinct: "They turned all speech into public pronouncements, and thus all conversation into a strange form of activism, part of a zero-sum battle over which ideas will find a foothold in our collective attention."

I believe the most lasting consequence of social media is the trend towards "speech as performance". Whether it's your hobby or a conversation with a stranger, there's an audience to please and a personal brand to build.

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Slaughterhouse-Five by Kurt Vonnegut

AND with pictures:
The Death Ray by Daniel Clowes

on pause (because it's really long there are lots of holds on it and I had to return it to the library):
Gödel, Escher, Bach: an Eternal Golden Braid by Douglas Hofstadter

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@jc lists are private, they basically function as extra timelines you can add people you follow into

you have to already be following someone to put them in a list which means that users are always informed when someone is receiving their posts (and this helps things work nicely with locked accounts, too)

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Wrote a chapter on leaving about 5 years ago. Perhaps its time has come: www.networkcultures.org/_uploads/%238UnlikeUs.pdf (go to page 220)

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Yesterday I did my safety training at Genspace and got my keyfob for entry. I can't wait to meet the other community members who want to work on the Open Plant project, read a bunch of papers, brainstorm and do some bench work (first time in over a year (not in my kitchen))


blog = "browsing log" = a place to share musings on digital artifacts stumbled upon. I find that thought very comforting and encouraging. Also makes me think about how powerful symmetric links are (also reminds me to use the related feature in Zotero more...)


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My new headcanon on The Matrix Show more

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My final thoughts from #engagemooc is there are ways to engage everyday (CW link + more thoughts) Show more

This wikipedia path mapper is just too much fun. It's interesting to see how certain topics become portals between different "subject" domains.


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I'm Steph, a faculty archivist whose respository documents primarily the Baptist history of NC and University records, activities, and communities.

Archivists do work that is remniscent of librarian work, but instead of focusing on a single book or publication, we most frequently work with groups of materials in the aggregate.

I probably need a button that says "ask me if your (digital or analog) work output is a University record!"

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🇬🇧 Hey, everyone! We just deployed a new version containing a much expected feature: CW a post coming from Twitter. It's experimental and it's better described in the README. Follow the link and let me know of any issues :)

🇧🇷 Oi, pessoal! A gente acabou de lançar uma versão com uma feature muito esperada: usar CW num post vindo do Twitter. Ainda é experimental e está melhor descrita no README. Dê uma olhada no link e avisem de qualquer problema :)


-- @renatolond

RT @ablerism@twitter.com: Okay, this is genius. Instead of tech folks imagining they can magically transform themselves into critic-ethicists because of insider experience, how about engaging with a long history of context, politics, alternatives from others? listenup.tech/

RT @sensor63@twitter.com: @bonstewart@twitter.com A3 We need to be economic with our attention to really focus on people around us with whom we can effect sustainable, meaningful change. There is a place for leaders with megaphones but the most important work demands presence, care, time.