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Emoji to express platonic, low-pressure condolence :rhizome: 

I saw this on a Slack and I'm so happy we could add it here. The rhizome :rhizome: (can) denote rooting for someone, possibly gingerly, caring without connotations.

Read more about it below

Thanks @socrates for getting it added :success: :BlobCatCoffee:

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(re)- ! I'm Danny (he/him), a microbiologist (PhD dropout). I took that experience as a cue to embed myself in DIYbio. I worked in pharmaceutical advertising while also teaching mol-/micro-bio in informal learning spaces.

Currently volunteering as the President of a community lab in NYC called Biotech Without Borders. Trying to organize a self-sustaining collective to steward a shared lab space (2y runway atm).

Also FLOSS, sci-fi, cute (:BlobCat:) stuff, 🇨🇦, 📚, 🍜 , 🎨, 🕺,:d20: ,🎮

Don't know if you've seen @rolltime your ActivityPub talk at HOPE 2022 is up on YouTube now!

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fedizine: an anarchist introduction to federated social media is now online thanks to our friends at the F-91W Distro:

It's also available as a PDF for reading:

and PDFs for printing in colour:
or black and white:

:anarchism: :fediverso:

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IDEA: Grant proposals to the NSF should require an accounting of the Open Source software to be used and include a donation to the project in the budget.

Certainly this wouldn't solve all OSS funding woes, but it would build a culture of accounting for usage.

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Anyone got any links to the history/evolution of the academic publishing model? Doing some thinking about why defaulting to Write A Paper needs to be challenged and want to know more about how we got into this mess!

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Proud to announce: tenacity pays off, I am moving up in the academic pyramid! Starting in September my next step will be as a candidate over at University. 🥳 I get the opportunity to work on human factors in organizational , supervised by Kate Labunets and Slinger Jansen.

Looking forward to expand my network with new connections. Anyone from here on Mastodon? :boost_requested:

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Been working on ideas around buying up land for farming / forestry commons projects

A significant part of it is creating structures where people, similar to who you mention, can stash their money reasonably safely- backed by the land value- but hopefully more by perceived value of the projects & the potential for future investors (also maybe donations & legacies?)
Got some land/investors/donators lined up
Sorting legal structures

Sketch of things up at

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Like take whatever measures that help you reduce your and others' exposure to surveillance, share information, give advice and organize, that's all great work! But don't assume others who use insecure corporate services are ignorant sinners in need of a sermon and conversion. Harassing people who are just trying to live and organize, doing some little good in a horrible world, does Not make anyone safer or more secure.

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At a new HOPE this weekend. My first time meeting this community and seeing what it's about.

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If you would be so kind I'm looking for good/your favourite resources describing mechanisms and criticisms of how funding :loz_rupee: for scientific work shapes technological possibility :Discovery: and political discourse about technology.


Link to a comic about corporate capture of healthcare 

I was looking for a catchy comic to illustrate the difficulty of finding initial funding to get preliminary data for biotech startups / how the search for funding limits the scope of who is thinking about, and able to work on, new biotech

Instead I found this comic which is quite excellent at articulating—via the example of TRIPS—how corporate interests enforce inequality.

Check it out!

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Do you know of any work on histories of urban dwellings?

Especially "alternative" sorts of housing like informal settlements, work-/poorhouses, dorms, convents, various types of single occupant housing (hotels, bachelor's rooms, etc), public housing projects and so on.

I would fancy work that cites other literature on the topic and does NOT focus on the US.

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I'm really happy to hear that after the program the students feel emboldened to ask questions and have some great credentials and connections to draw upon during their career. Their confidence as learners is important because we're always learning. I feel inspired to ensure I'm empowering my interns with the same sense of autonomy as well as push them to think about how they can use the value of their specialized labour to change the world in for the better based on their lived experience.

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She follows up with the question: should the government be using tiktok for PSA style outreach? Karla Azcona questions if tiktok is the right medium for this type of communication given that it is highly commercialized and coveys a certain air of luxury. And Apoorva Mandavilli asserts that it seems like people do get their information from tiktok. I'd love to hear more on this subject but I think it's out of scope of the discussion.

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The reporter/moderater asks: if the president calls and asks what should be done about the pandemic. This elicits a range of responses from these young scientists which reveal a lot about their politics and media consumption. I'm happy they feel bold enough to state their opinions, but I also wonder if the audiences predictable responses reinforces a very unradical worldview.

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It's interesting to hear them articulate the benefits of connections into the world of science and the opportunity to work in the lab. But they don't use the language of social capital, they are thinking in terms of getting to some destination. I'm struck by the phrasing "the program allowed us to sample..." because I've heard it before from a community lab member. I'm interested to challenge any underlying ideology that contributes tofolks feeling they need permission to do a project.

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Now there is moderated discussion with the Jr researchers. They are sharing their experiences from the program. I'm happy to hear that one takeaway is that there is more than one way into scientific research and more than one way out. I'm also digging the indepth descriptions of handling birds dead and alive.

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The students are asked how it feels to get a positive result by pcr. One answer is: electrifying! Another student asks: were the species that the positive result was found in social? One answer is: rock doves and yes. A community member asks about how the experience impacted their development as a person. One answer: does not want to keep sampling birds. Another answer: confirmed that they want to study research biology.

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Aaron Huang shares the results of the surviellance. No AIV, but 8 positive results for APV. They cultured 2 novel isolates and published in Microbiology Spectrum.

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Marina Daillo shares the method of sampling of brirds via a NYC park permit, as well as via the wild bird fund. 26 days, 7000 bird fecal samples, 1700 pharynx and cloaca samples from 800 birds. Processed by PCR.

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