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Emoji to express platonic, low-pressure condolence :rhizome: 

I saw this on a Slack and I'm so happy we could add it here. The rhizome :rhizome: (can) denote rooting for someone, possibly gingerly, caring without connotations.

Read more about it below

Thanks @socrates for getting it added :success: :BlobCatCoffee:

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(re)- ! I'm Danny (he/him), a microbiologist (PhD dropout). I took that experience as a cue to embed myself in DIYbio. I worked in pharmaceutical advertising while also teaching mol-/micro-bio in informal learning spaces.

Currently volunteering as the President of a community lab in NYC called Biotech Without Borders. Trying to organize a self-sustaining collective to steward a shared lab space (2y runway atm).

Also FLOSS, sci-fi, cute (:BlobCat:) stuff, 🇨🇦, 📚, 🍜 , 🎨, 🕺,:d20: ,🎮

If you would be so kind I'm looking for good/your favourite resources describing mechanisms and criticisms of how funding :loz_rupee: for scientific work shapes technological possibility :Discovery: and political discourse about technology.


@cadxdr I read the article linked below and wish you the best on your journey through academia. :rhizome: I didn't have the critical language to articulate why I didn't want to comply at the time and I became isolated, unable to envision a path between compliance and exit (maybe I'll try again). You can articulate better and are better connected so use it to cultivate a community (online and/or offline) to draw strength from!

Thread related:

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A tip for people used to birdsite's algorithms creating their timelines for them:

This thing works like Twitter did a long time ago. Your timelines are what you make them!

Liberally follow, unfollow, and mute accounts. Use the filter preferences (e.g. with "#eurovision" ""). Create a new timeline with hashtags to follow. In short: treat your timelines like a garden, both planting and pruning to your liking.

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If you have trouble remembering to add image descriptions, you can follow @PleaseCaption , who will yell at you whenever you post media without alt text.

If you don't have the spoons to make image descriptions, you can add the :helpdescribe: emoji, or just ask for people to help with descriptions, and people will reply with descriptions for you ^.^

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Just learned about the tag #lichenSubscribe, so good!
So here’s the ones I know, if you are into plants, fungi and symbioses of the two:
- #florespondence
- #mosstodon
- #sporespondence
- #lichenSubscribe
- I’ve used #veggiespondence for gardening before but not sure if that’s widely used

Any others?

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If you needed more reasons to be wary of Elsevier, here's what kind of data they collect about you. For example: whenever you do anything within Mendeley.

Why unfavourite periodically? 

Firstly, it was really fun to go back through toots and see those that still hit hard and be reminded of the awesome users that made them. It also gives me the option of boosting something relevant.

Secondly, I like that I have another tool to curate my memory of interactions. I can reinforce positive experiences on the platform as well as creating a space to observe how the way I conduct myself online changes and how I may shape that behaviour.

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Favouriting toots on Mastodon 

One thing that I was excited for when I first starting tooting was the fact that my favourites were only centrally stored on my instance which made less concerned about my favourites being mined by others. Since then I feel like I developed a nice way of using them to show someone I enjoyed or found their toot useful, but then I go through my favourites and bookmark or otherwise archive the linked resources in the toot and unfavourite the toot.

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Looking for a smaller home base, i. e. an #instance that is well-suited for a person interested in #gardening, #nature, all things #green (in the political sense also), #literature, #biology, #evolution, #immunesystem.My main languages are #German and #English. Any recommendations? #help

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A question for the microbiologists of the Fediverse:

How do you record data about your cultures and cultivation activities?

Are you using pen and paper? Spreadsheets? Some kind of custom-purpose software?

I'm thinking of data such as: species being cultured, substrate media being used, dates of transition between media, incubation temperatures, contamination events, sporulation events etc.

Boosts welcome.

#microbiology #labwork #mycology #bacteriology

Time management feels 

Looking back on the week and I'm happy I read and sent a lot of emails and forms (communication and administration) which is great because that's what needs as an organization, but I'm disappointed I didn't do as many technical sorts of tasks as a user of the space with my own interests. Welp there is always next week, striving for that perfect balance.

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What instance of mastodon should we set up for a Gathering For Open Science Hardware account?

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Joining the fediverse got me thinking a question I've had for a while now: what would a decentralised university look like?

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CW culture 

Hey new people! Think about using CWs more. They’re not just for potentially upsetting topics. For example, when someone posts a lot of long posts on the same topic, I appreciate when folks use CWs so I can decide whether I want to read the post or not. Makes my timeline feel more like a conversation and less like I’m trapped listening to someone who just won’t stop talking.

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'content warning' 

i mean the real #feditip is that this little 'content warning' field is extremely versatile. you can use it
- as a title, like you would put on an email or a web page. it's easier to scroll, give you an early choice of whether or not you want to read it.
- to list the applicable trigger warnings that one might want to avoid. you'll learn them as they come, and understand people's pain.
- to warn about screen reader unfriendly posts before filling a post with emoji
- to physically make your post take less space on everyone's screen, while not necessarily get less attention. i love going on an all caps rant behind a 'computers' cw. it's great and liberating without being as annoying.
- octodon special, complain to gargron if you think it's cool, here you can post over the limit inside one. this post is more than 800 characters long and i don't have to make it into a thread unless my thought are separated in time

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summarize your MA/PhD thesis using only one syllable words, go
#science #phdchat #academia

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