climate change article reaction: sad 

Something about the resigned tone of this long read from the NYT made me quite teary. Almost all the events transpired before I was born and it made me think about when I first learned about climate change and how it was argued for and against. I appreciate knowing some historical context to this whole saga. It's hopeful that we are seeing economic arguments for emissions reduction (among other +'s), but I'm still feeling a little blue.

climate change article reaction: sad 

@bstacey Thanks for that little pick me up! I don't think what made me sad was the framing around human nature. If it were framed differently perhaps I would have been left with anger rather than sadness. I was thinking about how the coal lobby was an issue in the past US election and wondering if there were similar issues back then. I haven't lost any faith in the collective action of people, more just lament the lost opportunity that was presented.

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