Kara Swisher interviews Tristan Harris vox.com/recode/2019/5/6/185308

Tristan Harris is still one of the most clear-eyed thinkers in the whole "techlash." He's good at pulling together seemingly disparate phenomena and showing how they all stem from the incentives of the attention economy.

One thing I found interesting is that Tristan Harris seems to really lean on Apple as a potential white knight to come in and help clean up the ecosystem. He's right that they're well-positioned for that, since their business model isn't based on attention.

It makes me continue to wonder: is the open-source battle over? Is the new battle over privacy, attention, and well-being? Most tech critics these days (Tufekci, Lanier, etc) sound a lot more like Tristan Harris than like Richard Stallman.


@nolan Thanks for stimulating the sharing a lot of interesting perspectives.

I want to agree with others that while Apple is being singled out by Mr.Harris as a potential good actor (given it's business model) this does not diminish the role of FLOSS to protect minds from algorithmic exploitation.

FLOSS is a community which benefits those who train/work in it as much as it creates products. The value of FLOSS as an institution promoting certain expertise and values should not be discounted. 🙏

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