question for those with Canadian experience 

Is Calgary nice to visit in the springtime? There's a job opening at the University of Calgary's math department which I'm not unsuited to apply for, and I think I'd have a shot at an interview/job talk kind of thing. I know that Alberta is often called the Texas of Canada, but is Calgary the, like, Austin of Canadian Texas?


question for those with Canadian experience 

@bstacey I've never lived there but the times I have visited it has been nice. Funnily enough I think it's like Huston in that the primary Asian immigrant group is Vietnamese. But the city is much smaller. Alberta is like Texas in that many people work in oil. Calgary can flood in the spring! This year I feel like a lot of good restaurants have been highlighted in that city. I think it's has good access to outdoorsy stuff. Like Madison/Denver? Apply! :D

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