(re)- ! I'm Danny (he/him), a microbiologist (PhD dropout). I took that experience as a cue to embed myself in DIYbio. I worked in pharmaceutical advertising while also teaching mol-/micro-bio in informal learning spaces.

Currently volunteering as the President of a community lab in NYC called Biotech Without Borders. Trying to organize a self-sustaining collective to steward a shared lab space (2y runway atm).

Also FLOSS, sci-fi, cute (:BlobCat:) stuff, 🇨🇦, 📚, 🍜 , 🎨, 🕺,:d20: ,🎮

@moopet Yeah happy to be around! Mastodon has been great for a sense of belonging and multiplicity of self. Have you seen any local DIYbio stuff in Scotland?

@danwchan no, I'd never even heard the term before tbh, but I'll bet there is stuff going on I don't know about. There's certainly a lot of science interest in the cities.

@moopet I bet there is. At least in someone's home. Fermentation is the original home biology experiment and that's part of what makes me hopeful that the skills to do small scale biological production could be put to use by a distributed network of folks who care. It's hard to organize a central shared lab so it might just be that that level of organization hasn't spread yet. If I catch wind of such a lab in Scotland I'll let you know and I'd appreciate if you would likewise alert me :D

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