Emoji to express platonic, low-pressure condolence :rhizome: 

I saw this on a Slack and I'm so happy we could add it here. The rhizome :rhizome: (can) denote rooting for someone, possibly gingerly, caring without connotations.

Read more about it below

Thanks @socrates for getting it added :success: :BlobCatCoffee:

Emoji to express platonic, low-pressure condolence :rhizome: 

@danwchan @socrates Interesting to see it used in this way. As a metaphor it also features prominently in the works of the philosopher Deleuze, where it connotes a non-hierarchical structure in contra-distinction to the tree.

Emoji to express platonic, low-pressure condolence :rhizome: 

@edibotopic I just saw the use of non-hierarchical rhizome in @chendricks zotero collection:

I love how conceptual connections can be inspired by fleeting interactions. Particularly I'm glad I read a little more into this collection as rhizomatic learning seems like like very relevant concept for informal learning spaces such as the community lab I am a part of.

Emoji to express platonic, low-pressure condolence :rhizome: 

@danwchan @edibotopic So glad that collection is useful! Thanks for looping me in!

@danwchan @socrates just gonna casually delete all evidence of my stupidity... Great pun. 🤣💛

@Gebraheel you're all good :BlobCatHeart: I'm glad you like the punny metaphor. I think it helps reinforce the proposed meaning. Nothing like a little chuckle to remind us we're all in it together when times are tough.

@danwchan pretty sure I read it and my brain went "ribosome?!" which immediately preceded the rest of the dumb. 🤣

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