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So the project has been going on for a month and a bit so far. We're waiting on our Marchantia samples to clear the authorities, meanwhile we have been talking about how to build our incubator, we got some "wild" plant samples and are trying to grow them and we're figuring out how to best engage the most people in the work. I've already learned a lot of electronics I didn't think I would. Hopefully we barcode something soon. I sense things will speed up but right now it's a simmer :D

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@brianpoe There are two official reasons for the project. The first is set out by the original instigators in the UK who are seeking to create a new plant model system with synthetic biology in mind where "upstream" research is "open source" letting "downstream" application specific research have a jumping off point. The second is set by Genspace to bring together a community of amateur scientists to learn biology together and boost their membership revenue. 1/2

open plant 

@brianpoe Right now we're working with the organism Marchantia from some environmental source but we are waiting for the model strains (species polymorpha. Tak-1 and Tak-2?) to clear some sort of USDA regulations. For me it's been training people in aseptic technique, figuring out how we will self-direct, learning electronics (to build an incubator) and planning how to implement agrobacterium work (which I'll probably be spearheading) both from a technical and safety perspective. 2/2

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