@neil @stragu @mayel if you could point me in a direction it would be great. The Community Bio community has done work on documents like this at Biosummit but I'd also like other examples especially if they resonated with fediverse folks. No need to spend too much time on this though, I have a couple examples on hand already.

@neil @stragu The domain is dead now :( I should have archived when I had the chance. DO you guys have a copy?

May I suggest you watch Cargo (2018). Why? 

It's a great zombie romp set in Australia where a contrast between indigenous and colonial communities is depicted. I think it does a great job showing that there are different knowledge traditions which do not inherently have superiority over each other. It encourages that we remain open to this reality because the world is full of zombies (unknowns). Plus the ecology of these zombies makes me gush a little.

@abbaxi Amazing, hope to hear more about your mobile lab experience!

Online journal club: remdesivir in nCov-2 infected macaques, May 3rd 10EDT (3BST) 

Hello scholar.social! Many years ago I participated in a microbiology journal club on the birbsite .

One of the former members and I are trying again. This time with a video live stream. We both did infectious disease in grad school but are currently a more communications focused fields.

We are planing to talk about this on sunday: biorxiv.org/content/10.1101/20


Please share!

question for those with Canadian experience 

@bstacey I've never lived there but the times I have visited it has been nice. Funnily enough I think it's like Huston in that the primary Asian immigrant group is Vietnamese. But the city is much smaller. Alberta is like Texas in that many people work in oil. Calgary can flood in the spring! This year I feel like a lot of good restaurants have been highlighted in that city. I think it's has good access to outdoorsy stuff. Like Madison/Denver? Apply! :D

@rusty I'm not 100% about what one means when they say obsolete but I feel like you're musing about something that I think about as well.

Like 3D printers let us make little adapters to mod existing products, I am interested in knowing what technologies can help us stitch together a more sustainable and equitable world.

An old pump design I just learned about ->

An article from a publication that started me thinking along these lines:

@esty Not sure but Zotero communicates with the Retraction Watch database zotero.org/blog/retracted-item

as if one need more reasons for using :zotero: :D

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re: THE EXQUISITE MASTODON CORPSE IS DONE! (working link version) 

@zoey Same sentiment here! This was really fun to do and the end result made me chuckle. Just seeing how different people noticed details is really cool!

research photo 

@esty Thanks for the extra info. Even the small crystals are quite beautiful in that polarized light set up. I didn't realize that there were sea ice macro/meso/micor-cosm experiments, but now that you mention it I think I can imagine the utility. Is it a way to confirm/identify the conditions that would give rise to the types of features observed from non-artificial cores?

@rusty beautiful! Moss is just such a great thing to look at. It's cool how the sides are all covered. Could it be the canvas is a nice surface for the plant to stick?

research photo 

@esty Cool. Does "artificial" means you made it yourself? Is this regular light microscopy? What makes those colours (some sort of thin film effect?, polarized light) ?

Upcoming #events at #Biotech without Borders (Brooklyn, NYC) in December. I painted some watercolour cute things to promote. 

Foolishly I put the eventbrite links for editing rather then ones people could actually access:

Synthetic biology class (Dec 7, 15 & 21): eventbrite.com/e/82969890175

Cutting DNA workshop (Dec 5):

Luxturna journal club/discussion (Dec 11):

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Upcoming #events at #Biotech without Borders (Brooklyn, NYC) in December. I painted some watercolour cute things to promote. 

Here are three little things I for social media for some upcoming at without borders. Links are below. Please share!

Synthetic biology class (Dec 7, 15 & 21): eventbrite.com/myevent?eid=829

Cutting DNA workshop (Dec 5):

Luxterna journal club/discussion (Dec 11):

@halcy I think I died the first time, but even when you win the challenge is clear. There is a hard mode too! It's a great game!

electoral reform 

@bookandswordblog @jrhawley that's a good idea! Id be up to help. I just checked out the fairvote.ca site and it seems they did have a campaign to make electoral reform a election issue. I wasn't clued in, i was in a little late to the election campaigns because i wasn't sure i could vote. They also don't have info about bc initiatives in the matter. I think a nice template letter helps when asking people to write to their mp's

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