@Canageek oh I like that idea! Hope you it's easy enough to execute.

@Matt_Noyes No rush. :BlobCatCoffee: After you poke around a little maybe we should chat again and figure out what to do next.

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publishing design documents? 

What's a good archival method for publishing design documentation to produce a piece of scientific equipment used in a published paper? I developed something fairly complicated and would love to document it so that others can actually replicate what the people using my tool did.

Github and gitlab don't feel safe, neither does google docs, can I upload things like STP files as attachments with arxiv documents?

@fxdm @nev is this related to the study you presented at summer school?

@Matt_Noyes I linked a markdown file from the Biotech Without Borders Nextcloud in the social.coop moblizon resources folder summarizing that toot you added me to. The table doesn't render properly (I think I have to update the Nextcloud) so if you have a better place to put it please do. I tried to make a pad too but I think there's probably an issue since the pad would be hosted on Nixnet while the group in on the Mobilizon server.

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Hi all, I have a few questions for the community about PeerTube strategy for online independent film distribution.

I'm part of an academic/art/film project and we are going to publish online about 5-10 short and long films in the next 3 years. Some of them will be trailers. Some of them will be films behind a password, to be viewed by a restricted audience for a while. Some of them will be freely accessible full-length films (eventually all password-protected films will be come available).

As a group, we want to publish in free/open access/open source platforms. We are already present on mastodon (post.lurk.org/web/@securityvis) and would like to pursue a free-publish first strategy. What would you recommend? 1/2

Last week I finally coloured in a drawing from 2021 that encapsulates my feelings about Biotech without Borders at the time. I'm super proud of how it turned out

@phryk @VictorVenema I'm not against grinders, but from what I've seen the politics are more libertarian than anarcho-socialist focused on the autonomy of an individual's body. I'm interested in a world where folks homebrew variety of simple chemicals/natural products for use around the home and shop. I imagine it being a part of the solidarity economy; cutting out large operators in favour of small neighborhood vendors. I want BwoB to be a platform to help make that happen.

@VictorVenema @phryk Ah the Open Insulin folks? I don't think they're being particularly protective of the strain(s). I bet they could just send them to you. But they do have specific strategy for trying to increase competition in the insulin space so I think they want to ensure their tech and organisation is seen as legitimate (which they are, but stunts might negatively impact that perception) I guess the question is, how do you want to use it?


I agree we need a mix of ways for folks to engage with the scientific lit, but I wonder how to get more folks to read and react to papers in a constructive way. I think Zotero and Bookwyrm have similar barriers to entry. But the interface of Bookwrym could be more familiar to folks who don't use reference managers. Dokieli was mentioned by @im and it looks very interesting to me. It's in the line of overlay annotations like hypothes.is Are one of those overlays more "open"?

@varl42 Yes thanks for subscribing and boosting our content! Let me know if you're interested in adding papers to the potentials folder (and let me know your Zotero username) so I can invite you to the library. Or @ us when you see an interesting journal article.

@varl42 I also had a desire for a bookwyrm for research papers when we were discussing the on this thread started by @dhruvasambrani scholar.social/@dhruvasambrani

If the aim is general scicomm then I suspect we lose out on broader discovery when using fedi. But I like the idea of supporting a community on the fediverse that lasts and letting folks discover these communities as they migrate over. That's the strategy of @MicrobioJC at the moment. But we also pursue discovery via YT.

@alienghic @michaelafisher I have an unsolicited plug for a book: The Revolution Will Not Be Funded (reviewed here: nacla.org/article/revolution-w). It goes hand in hand with some of the ideas in Winners Take All

They brought me to recognize that nonprofits provide care and services critical for our collective flourishing, yet selective funding strategies can bar them from addressing root causes. I am trying to be more receptive to organizations that are seeking more radical tactics at smaller scales.

@Matt_Noyes Great to chat. Here's that Wasan group I mentioned that hosts semi-regular meetings highlighting different group practices. It's a google group, I don't see any other web presence. From what I can tell Fabian Pfortmuller from the Together Institute is the primary organizer


I found some info on Cheyenna, but I can't find any on Mika Fisher (sp?) or a cooperatively owned bar in Brooklyn. Could you send me something to help me on my search?

@VictorVenema @petrichor Oh yeah I didn't mean to seem like I was implying the bridge was a simple affair, but provides options other than the 1st party application. 😅

@VictorVenema @petrichor Protonmail has a bridge application now which allows emails from a different client application via IMAP and SMTP (at least on desktop). I use Protonmail with Thunderbird.

@Matt_Noyes can do. I'm in UTC-4 you? Maybe sometime on Thursday?

@XavCC of course. I have been getting increasingly familiar with public lab. I was not familiar with these specific projects but I think they seem very worthwhile.

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MapKnitter.org will be going offline at the end of the month due to lack of funds, which is very sad!
1000s of maps of environmental injustices people have made over the years

And also SpectralWorkbench.org too.
database of 200k+ community-contributed open source spectra.

Both will be archived on archive.org

If you want to check and help


It's really fucking hard and violent blow for environmental activism and community based open environmental investigation

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