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Tonight I'm at biotech without borders for a NSF funded talk about genetic engineering of humans. Looks like it'll be a discussion format. Before we start Dr. Jorgensen is explaining the challenges of opening up the scientific enterprise.


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Are there researchers that get (partly) funded through Patreon? There are probably enough points to be made against this but I find the idea intriguing.

@DenubisX @l There are three youtubers that come to mind who do research like things. Applied Science, Nurdrage and Thought Emporium. They derive some funds from Patreon.

@BlayneyAJ I think transition metals in general. Fe is a big one in bacterial pathogenesis. Many ways have evolved to either sequester it from pathogens or for wrest it back from the host.

@bgcarlisle yeah it seems like a lot of talk. I was most surprised that there could be some economic benefit to the system as it would reduce the amount of people required to administrate current welfare systems. I sense that the biggest opposition is some kinda thought that it would promote laziness. I think It relates to fully automated luxury gay space communism because the same hope for FALGSC is one that could inspire people to support UBI.

@l Also I have the best luck using the doi as my search query.

@bgcarlisle Nice. Utopian daydreams doodles evoke the warm and fuzzy! Are you following any of the Universal Basic Income policy stuff being generated from the UK? (thersa.org/discover/publicatio). I was surprised and pleased to learn that Canada has experimented/will experiment with this tactic! (marketplace.org/2016/12/20/wor; wdgpublichealth.ca/sites/defau).

@bgcarlisle That profile picture is most excellent. I first encountered that term second hand and was told it was from a blog post about Star Trek. Where does that image come from?

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@lauraritchie Haha blast from the past! I remember that book. The rhyme started to come back to me as I watched that video.

The Name of the Rose by Umberto Eco

and with pictures:
Are You My Mother? by Alison Bechdel

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@teioh it makes me think about how we might adapt to that volume of chatter and what advantages it might bestow upon us as well as what costs it might incur. I think switching between periods of different levels of connectivity is a really good way to reflect on communication in this digital era (and probably always was throughout time... I think about the Thoreau's Walden and how it might be similar to removing apps from a phone or deleting a social media account)

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This is a long shot, but anyone on Masto know anything about mass concrete requirements?


Philsci preprint via @hildabast@twitter.com:

It considers that current merit rankings fail to account for systematic bias and coverage of epistemic space. Argues for the use of lotteries to maximize efficiency and sense of fairness in science funding.

Draws heavily from Boyle 1998 doi.org/10.1111/1467-9884.0013

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At work I’ve given a crash course on regular expressions, twice. I like to end it with a session of regexcrossword.com/

@kensanata These are incredibly fun and I like the interface. Thanks for sharing!