@dantheclamman I think you can do it from the ... menu either on a toot or on their profile.

@kara I've never used this tool before but I have heard many recommendations for it: inaturalist.org/

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@quokka I always thought your username had a familiar ring to and after an animalogic video I think I know why! What a cute mammal to align yourself with.


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@1ijk Oh welcome to the instance! I used to live in Chicago but in 2017 I moved to NYC.

@WilliamConey Oh cool! Yeah I wanted to make sure you thought about your wider university community because I has some really good experiences when I tried to work/hang out with people from other departments in grad school. Plus I think it's really rewarding to present to different audiences (academic or otherwise) and hopefully get feedback about what people think works. There are so many things to learn in the interface of disciplines.

I didn't know that term: Cli-Fi. I like it!

@WilliamConey Oh well that could be a tough sell. They can't print like a presenter pass for some invited panelist? Anyhoo, I'm not sure how big your university is but maybe you will find interested people in other departments! (History, Science etc.)

@WilliamConey Sounds like some good outreach opportunities! Congrats. How are you thinking about framing the discussion? Why not invite faculty/grad students this time?

@omanreagan In bacteria the process in which a cell becomes a spore is called sporulation. Hope that helps!

@dredmorbius Oh yeah I read Anathem and I bet Stephenson was influenced by Eco. I think they take different stances on the idea of "what can be known".

At the time I was very struck by the imagined danger/issue of so much networked information of dubious quality that specialists were required to parse through it (Reticulum). Of course, it's been making more and more sense to me as I continue to learn and forget.

@dredmorbius Thanks for the suggestion.

I usually read sci-fi and steer clear from historical fiction but after a few positive recommendations and reading excerpts from How to Write a Thesis, I gave NofR a try. I was so happy I did. I liked how the setting was foreign and ancient but conversations were familiar and topical. The pacing was amazing and I could read it again looking for meaning (but probably won't). It expressed his care of and careful research into the era.

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Chicken candy doesn't taste like chicken

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