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This was the Genspace hosted bio event @ Caveat on Friday. I learned about photo microbial fuel cells and got to touch various mycelial materials while sharing a drink with experts and enthusiasts. Great start of a night and even better conversations.

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@nolan I thought this was quite succinct: "They turned all speech into public pronouncements, and thus all conversation into a strange form of activism, part of a zero-sum battle over which ideas will find a foothold in our collective attention."

I believe the most lasting consequence of social media is the trend towards "speech as performance". Whether it's your hobby or a conversation with a stranger, there's an audience to please and a personal brand to build.

@gzt I appreciate some salt (or as you say crank). Throughout history many tasty morsels have been preserved in salt. Welcome!

@jon someone also shared this tool to see what the local and federated timelines look like. So I've been using that unmung.com/mastoview?url=witch

@jon Hmm. Thanks for sharing that. I'm trying to understand the different ways in which one can engage and communicate over Mastodon (like should I have my own instance, who should I follow to craft the feed and community I like, and how does following people on your own instance signify differently than following people on a different instance) and I thought the social.coop sub-thread was helpful information.


@Syphilis Welcome to the instance! If you want this post to be found more easily you should make a formal # introductions post. People follow that hashtag and boost your introduction to the fediverse :D

@thegibson That really made me chuckle. It's also an interesting jumping off point for a discussion about free speech, like I imagine a teacher breaking the ice in a class with this image.

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Slaughterhouse-Five by Kurt Vonnegut

AND with pictures:
The Death Ray by Daniel Clowes

on pause (because it's really long there are lots of holds on it and I had to return it to the library):
Gödel, Escher, Bach: an Eternal Golden Braid by Douglas Hofstadter

@semihumanist Cool thanks for the summary. Enjoy your studies and hope to hear more from you on the instance about electricity or whatever! :D

@salixlucida @wilkie :( That's a big reason why I think scientists should be careful who owns their copyright. In the US there are policies which make nationally funded research publicly available but the law is sprawling and there is an issue about compliance...


@semihumanist I recently (several months ago) read The Grid which was a nice primer on the pitfalls in our aging energy infrastructure. Are you looking at technology or policy? Is there even a point trying to make that distinction?

Not a birdsite crosspost, but about birdsite crossposts... Show more

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@jc lists are private, they basically function as extra timelines you can add people you follow into

you have to already be following someone to put them in a list which means that users are always informed when someone is receiving their posts (and this helps things work nicely with locked accounts, too)

@DialMforMara @eliasg I would for sure help print and distribute some flyers

@jeffcliff I'm curious. I'll DM you my username when I install it.

@jeffcliff No I haven't heard of it. I use signal sometimes. But this is through TOR, so that means your location is obscured? Why do you ask?