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Holy crap y'all Streisand is an impressive piece of #FLOSS. - If you're running Linux or Mac and can follow instructions *at all* then you can have a VPN set up in 20 minutes that you own and control, using any #cloud provider you like. Great for #privacy and also for evading annoying restrictions like JetBlue blocking everything other than ports 80/443 :) (Gonna tell me I can't SSH? Really? I think not :)

@Ironpop I believe that all minds work differently, for some inspiration comes from a place of tranquility which your beautiful sunny view certainly inspired in me (who are in the pictures?). But for others the chaos of the "hustle" brings insights. Regardless, I want to live in a society which affords us the freedom to choose what works for us.

Thoughts after a presentation on the ethics of genetically-related parenthood 

Thoughts after a presentation on the ethics of genetically-related parenthood 

Red liquid filtration 

@nolan I like the resolution and sound on that one but this one ends more dramatically

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Quit using Mendeley people!

They started encrypting your database so you cannot easily move it over to other tools any more.


That link also helps you saving your data before it's too late.

(Elsevier are a bunch of crooks, blocking interoperability one-way and not the other. Almost as bad as Google blocking uBlock for your safety...)

@publius @muffinista Or a quiche depending on preparation method, as based on this apparent academic competitor's assessment:

@terrabrix it took me a long time to feel like posting on social media after I left my grad program... I still don't even know if that statement "left my grad program" is the most accurate representation of what transpired between my committee, supervisor and I. I'm still reflecting on the experience. I hope you're doing OK and you find something cool to interact with on your venture onto mastodon.

Open Plant, DIY bio 

a quote from the book in my hand @jeffcliff oh there is something that turns youtube channels into RSS feeds. I can't recall the name of the software though.

@noctiluca but I think using a combination of databases and search terms is best

@salm0n for some reason reading your introduction and thread on books made me think of the novel King Rat by China Mieville. If you haven't read it you might like it... not his best work but there is a strong musical theme.

A fascinating article on genetics 

@nolan I totally agree with your assessment that it's a lifestyle. I was encouraged by a blog post of yours to try it, I think of it as an awareness of privacy issues and striving scatter my digital breadcrumbs more haphazardly. I don't have GSF on my phone and Yalp allows me to filter the apks on the google store to find those that don't use GSF... also some apps which require GSF still seem to work fine. I still find myself accessing google maps over the web. Just sharing in solidarity. ✊

A fascinating article on genetics 

film recommendations x3 

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