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The first iteration of an for is made! It features PID cooling and heating, cool white light (day/night cycle) and fan speed control. A timed log of those parameters is kept on an SD card. It's still under development so I'll post more updates as we bring together documentation and add features.

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petition for lecturers putting references in their slides to put the DOI of the papers they reference.... it's really hard to search for papers with just a common name and a year...

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After GEB I am ready for fiction! Maelstrom by Peter Watts

If you are building tutorials for software, I really enjoy this tool for capturing animated gifs of screen area.

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You should be using a citation manager, because formatting data according to strict specifications is best handled by computers. But if you are not, you should use Zotero's new service:

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What if this May scientists and conservationists made a concerted effort to publish an Letter to the Editor or OpEd, on the topic that matters most to them, in their local newspaper?

The Long-lasting Effects of Newspaper Op-Eds on Public Opinion:

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This was the Genspace hosted bio event @ Caveat on Friday. I learned about photo microbial fuel cells and got to touch various mycelial materials while sharing a drink with experts and enthusiasts. Great start of a night and even better conversations.

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@nolan I thought this was quite succinct: "They turned all speech into public pronouncements, and thus all conversation into a strange form of activism, part of a zero-sum battle over which ideas will find a foothold in our collective attention."

I believe the most lasting consequence of social media is the trend towards "speech as performance". Whether it's your hobby or a conversation with a stranger, there's an audience to please and a personal brand to build.

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Slaughterhouse-Five by Kurt Vonnegut

AND with pictures:
The Death Ray by Daniel Clowes

on pause (because it's really long there are lots of holds on it and I had to return it to the library):
Gödel, Escher, Bach: an Eternal Golden Braid by Douglas Hofstadter

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@jc lists are private, they basically function as extra timelines you can add people you follow into

you have to already be following someone to put them in a list which means that users are always informed when someone is receiving their posts (and this helps things work nicely with locked accounts, too)

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Wrote a chapter on leaving about 5 years ago. Perhaps its time has come: (go to page 220)

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Yesterday I did my safety training at Genspace and got my keyfob for entry. I can't wait to meet the other community members who want to work on the Open Plant project, read a bunch of papers, brainstorm and do some bench work (first time in over a year (not in my kitchen))

blog = "browsing log" = a place to share musings on digital artifacts stumbled upon. I find that thought very comforting and encouraging. Also makes me think about how powerful symmetric links are (also reminds me to use the related feature in Zotero more...)

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