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Oh I realized I haven't updated on this project in a while. Members successfully propagated the wild samples in axenic conditions and the incubator has really helped with their growth. We received samples from the UK of cam and tak strains so we have the common lab strains now. They were a little dried out so we're hoping that gemma will revive.

climate change article reaction: sad 

Something about the resigned tone of this long read from the NYT made me quite teary. Almost all the events transpired before I was born and it made me think about when I first learned about climate change and how it was argued for and against. I appreciate knowing some historical context to this whole saga. It's hopeful that we are seeing economic arguments for emissions reduction (among other +'s), but I'm still feeling a little blue.

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#introduction I am a mathematician and cognitive scientist by training and troublemaker by inclination. I have been following the mastodon universe from the sidelines for a while now but a recent article (and facebook's tanking stock!) made me create an account here.

As a complete n00b, I am at your mercy. Tell me what I should know and who I should follow!

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This looks great:

“Practical guidance for teams to thrive without a management hierarchy.
This PDF booklet is a collection of design patterns naming the most common challenges faced by self-organising teams, and practical responses you can adapt to your local context and apply immediately.

"It’s a distillation of 7 years experience, packed down into 2000 words, and offered free for you to use, share, and remix :)”



Ninety Percent of Everything: Inside Shipping, the Invisible Industry That Puts Clothes on Your Back, Gas in Your Car, and Food on Your Plate by Rose George

This is one of two books (the other: box) I'm reading to kick-off research for my own TBA trip on a cargo ship to write and explore what it means to disconnect among the artifacts of our globalized consumerist society. If you have suggestions let me know!

Tonight I'm at biotech without borders for a NSF funded talk about genetic engineering of humans. Looks like it'll be a discussion format. Before we start Dr. Jorgensen is explaining the challenges of opening up the scientific enterprise.

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Are there researchers that get (partly) funded through Patreon? There are probably enough points to be made against this but I find the idea intriguing.

@bgcarlisle That profile picture is most excellent. I first encountered that term second hand and was told it was from a blog post about Star Trek. Where does that image come from?

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The Name of the Rose by Umberto Eco

and with pictures:
Are You My Mother? by Alison Bechdel

Rifters trilogy spoliers: tldr; I don't reco 

There were cool ideas of tech ultimately preserving the inequalities of power as a minor but persistent backdrop to a story which engaged in too much explicit description of abuse for my likes. Nuance in characters was washed out by cyberpunk action sequences where the takeaway was "people can be awful to each other" and "sometimes there is limited justice". The world was great but various threads of tech and trauma didn't come together cohesively.

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This is a long shot, but anyone on Masto know anything about mass concrete requirements?


Philsci preprint via

It considers that current merit rankings fail to account for systematic bias and coverage of epistemic space. Argues for the use of lotteries to maximize efficiency and sense of fairness in science funding.

Draws heavily from Boyle 1998

birdsite, really nice biology department seminar posters from Laurier. 

RT Since Storify is now defunct, I've reassembled my collection of 73 (to date!) departmental seminar posters on

The first iteration of an for is made! It features PID cooling and heating, cool white light (day/night cycle) and fan speed control. A timed log of those parameters is kept on an SD card. It's still under development so I'll post more updates as we bring together documentation and add features.

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petition for lecturers putting references in their slides to put the DOI of the papers they reference.... it's really hard to search for papers with just a common name and a year...

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