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🇬🇧 Hey, everyone! We just deployed a new version containing a much expected feature: CW a post coming from Twitter. It's experimental and it's better described in the README. Follow the link and let me know of any issues :)

🇧🇷 Oi, pessoal! A gente acabou de lançar uma versão com uma feature muito esperada: usar CW num post vindo do Twitter. Ainda é experimental e está melhor descrita no README. Dê uma olhada no link e avisem de qualquer problema :)


-- @renatolond

RT @ablerism@twitter.com: Okay, this is genius. Instead of tech folks imagining they can magically transform themselves into critic-ethicists because of insider experience, how about engaging with a long history of context, politics, alternatives from others? listenup.tech/

RT @sensor63@twitter.com: @bonstewart@twitter.com A3 We need to be economic with our attention to really focus on people around us with whom we can effect sustainable, meaningful change. There is a place for leaders with megaphones but the most important work demands presence, care, time.

RT @schmutzie@twitter.com: @bonstewart@twitter.com A4 Not to downplay the depth and seriousness of online discourse, but what is right in front of us often feels larger and more monumental than it is in hindsight. I take deep breaths, walk away to clear my head/heart, look for guidance in another venue.

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Here is a quick diagram I made to explain my understanding (I am not a lawyer) of copyright and licensing: scholar.social/media/TokWH3vmg

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Hi - I work at Jisc and mainly share updates about how academics can make the most of tech for learning. Looking forward to making new connections and friends on Mastodon :-)

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Hey is there a .@ feature on Mastodon to expose your @ toots to your followers? Or is the preferred way to do that by boosting you own toot?

I still have a gmail account but I'm slowly transitioning away from it (protonmail). I'd say my youTube subscriptions are the thing I am the least prepared to migrate away from. I'll probably always have some google account to maintain some involvement in that community although a lot of of the people I watch update their Patreon. I think I still use the youTube recommendations to find new content creators. (2/2)

My first cross boost from Twitter: I think conduct of interest disclosure is important: the ethos of the paper's rhetoric becomes easier to interpret. I'm always a bit leery when a big hubbub is made that the CNS journals have done something great. What would be great is a shift in their business model.

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Hi, I'm a former candidate in who left under less than pleasant circumstances. Now I'm checking the accuracy of ads in NYC. expat, H1B.

I am still interested in the ways bacteria coordinate action in complex environments, but I also think that the updating of the way we share research outputs is worth devoting a career to.

I like through s, and -fi. Trying to be Google Services free.