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My most recent paper was a somewhat critical look at the electronic field notebook software I've been the technical lead on for the last 6 years (

Mobilization as MediationImplementing a Tablet-Based Recording System forCeramic Classification

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My current book chapter in the works is: Open Data and the Danger of Sympathetic Magic.

Taking the philosophy of science and hitting data sharing practices with it.

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Hi, I'm Dr. Brian Ballsun-Stanton. I do Philosophy of Data, build apps for archaeologists (field data collection while offline with a bunch of androids), Data ... manipulation stuff, and a whole bunch of website building. Currently working on a Visual Dictionary of Beni Hassan (

On the weekends, I record for my youtube channel: where I do rather long-form and quite philosophical Let's Plays of various games.

Old account:

"An explanatory lecture on the finer points of algebra might be effective in conveying information pertaining to math, but it might also be a fine opportunity to practice falling asleep whilst sitting in a room with various degrees of directed noise. The latter is motivated by a very clear and directly applicable use value, while the former requires a higher degree of contextual introduction to come to pass. Both outcomes are equally likely, and both learners are equally motivated."

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Hivemind, you can help me with my PhD by telling me some modern, alive choral composers whose music you like and what you like about it.

Last night I got to hear two bassoon concerti, one by Mozart and one a world premier written for the soloist. I freely admit I've got a soft spot for bassoon, but dang, y'all. I had no idea the instrument could sound _that_ good.

Not finding any recordings of the soloist, but here's the Mozart:

This is definitely the only platform I can toot "Yo where my analytic philosophers at?" and have any hope of finding someone. Which is wild.

Yo where my analytic philosophers at?

@data oh, believe me, i have heard the good news. got that automatic Better (Bib)TeX going

Confession: I haven't written a bibliography by hand in about 5 years (thanks Zotero ❤️ )

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(a notable exception being the UK where your “proof of ID” can be one or more utility bills to the great amazement of “continentals”) you see that there is a growing feeling of a “parallel government” whereby your identity is actually entirely in the hands of companies.

Recently the Republic of Geneva was asked by users why they could not use their Google ID to log into the site instead of obtaining either a login (with paper 2FA) or SuisseID (government-approved digital ID). “why?”… scary.

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Rando: keep politics out of my video gaems!

Me: I'mma run roughshod through the history of sociology and political science by using SMAX as a vehicle, Fury Road style

Yay! The administrative overlords have finally released my dissertation into the wild! Behold "Perception and Practice: Doing Public "

I'm looking at the intersection of moral psychology and decision making.... Specifically as it pertains to membership participation and engagement in a co-operative. Anyone have any advice on available literature?

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"They found that when a user gives Facebook a phone number for two-factor authentication or in order to receive alerts about new log-ins to a user’s account, that phone number became targetable by an advertiser within a couple of weeks."

Facebook uses information provided for security purposes to target more ads.

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