Hallelujah I'm a bum. I don't suppose anyone has any post-academic jobs in Australia they need a data wrangler for?

Stories I built: My Grad student talks about a (very very light) history of egyptian epigraphy: artsandculture.google.com/stor

@mayuutann Huh, that's one of those infinite series which produce pi. Fascinating.

"An explanatory lecture on the finer points of algebra might be effective in conveying information pertaining to math, but it might also be a fine opportunity to practice falling asleep whilst sitting in a room with various degrees of directed noise. The latter is motivated by a very clear and directly applicable use value, while the former requires a higher degree of contextual introduction to come to pass. Both outcomes are equally likely, and both learners are equally motivated."

it me

Hivemind, you can help me with my PhD by telling me some modern, alive choral composers whose music you like and what you like about it.

Last night I got to hear two bassoon concerti, one by Mozart and one a world premier written for the soloist. I freely admit I've got a soft spot for bassoon, but dang, y'all. I had no idea the instrument could sound _that_ good.

Not finding any recordings of the soloist, but here's the Mozart: youtube.com/watch?v=PYOPQuhdoQ

This is definitely the only platform I can toot "Yo where my analytic philosophers at?" and have any hope of finding someone. Which is wild.

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@galen I've been accused of being continental by an analytic philosopher, but I certainly don't identify as one.

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