Hello everyone,
I'm a designer and researcher from France, living and working in London for over 10 years. I'm currently writing up my PhD by practice which is about algorithms, prediction, and diagrams. I'm interested in the digital humanities, media archaeology, and critical/speculative creative practice.

I'm keen to try (and potentially build?) alternatives to predatory services like and researchgate so this is me jumping in!

@davidbenque hello and welcome to :mastodon: I found your intro kind of fascinating and your PhD sounds interesting as well.

@davidbenque Welcome! An alternative to researchgate would be great, since I can foresee that kind of systems of connecting and scoring us academics becoming more essential. At least it should be done with a serious eye on ethics.

@mmin thank you! I'd argue for a serious reconsidering of the need to score academics (and people in general) but having a space to connect, share papers, etc would be nice. It may be my first order of business once the PhD is finished!

@davidbenque Sounds good. Yeah, quantification and scoring of everything is probably not what we want. But if it's such a strong trend, we should think of more ethical ways.

I'm not sure about scoring and I personally think scoring is very subjective. I wonder if research papers can be better organized. like wikipedia articles or knowledge maps. this helps researches in many ways, finding collaborations, reducing redundancy, finding reviewers etc. but also helps grad students new to the field learn the history of what's done in a field, where the field is and what interesting things can be done in the future. knowledge maps for research!

@jkanche yes absolutely agree! less scoring and more putting things (and people) in productive relation to each other! I've been thinking about a tool that would map all references used in a given paper, and their references, and theirs, etc returning the 'roots' that this piece of research builds on. It should be possible with something like Web of Science but haven't got around to it yet!

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