Animated pyramid by age and gender of 10 most populous countries portends future issues with rapid, slow and negative .
"Animation: Population Pyramids of the 10 Largest Countries", , Sept. 28, 2017 at

Untangling from black swan anomalies in . Also 2018 research on platforms as epistemic knowledge creation exchanges . Platforms as part of the larger
"The impacts of platforms" at

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Blogged: Looking for greener pastures [A Practical Comparison of Mastodon and]:

After watching S03E02, found an excellent article on the reality of potential , and .
‘Mr. Robot’ Rewind: Backdooring a monitor for FBI surveillance in Episode Two | | Oct. 27, 2017 at

Interrnational students are up in Canada, down in the U.S.

> In a recent global survey, the Graduate Management Admission Council reported that international student applications to Canada rose 16.4 per cent this year over 2017, compared with 15.1 per cent for Asia-Pacific schools, 3.4 per cent in Europe but a drop of 10.5 per cent to the United States.

"Global students embracing Canada as an MBA destination of choice" | Jennifer Lewington | Nov. 7, 2018 at

Coming up to speed with .

> A. What came before the rise of platforms?
B. What types of platforms are there?
C. Why take a platform approach?
D. How do platforms manifest?
E. Why might a platform not be viable?
F. How are digital and non-digital platforms different?
G. What don’t researchers know about digital platforms?
H. What are the economic consequences of the platform economy?

"Platforms, an emerging appreciation" | David Ing | Nov. 7, 2018 at

Hashtagging can be seen as a social norm that emerged in response to missing technical features.

> Its story started on ... Twitter back in 2007, when early adopters began developing tools to organize their tweets. [....]

> [Chris Messina] “Hey, we’ve been talking about this problem with groups on Twitter. What do you think about using pound symbols to tag posts?”

"An Oral History of the " | Lexi Pandell | May 19, 2017 at

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So I realize I've been thinking of social networks as graph-based and set-based.

Graph-based means you follow other users and get a feed of their posts. (E.g. Facebook, Goople, birdsite, here).

Set-based means you are either in or out and if you're in, your feed is the same as everyone else who's in. (E.g. subreddits, mailing lists, USENET groups, web fora.)

I'm finding this to be a useful distinction.

@aminb Please add me to Cooperatives, Design, Digital Rights, Distributed Networks, Economics, FLOSS, KDE, Social Innovation, Sustainability, Wiki, WordPress.

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IBM’s Red Hat acquisition. Show more

Got more than 1000 images on a free account? Migrating 1800+ images to a self-hosted site was a one-button push, and then watching the Flickr2Piwigo counter.


Appreciating and acquisition should be viewed from the business philosophy of open sourcing while private sourcing since 1998; alternative futures (e.g. comparing to the Oracle-Sun acquisition of 2009 in hindsight), and IBM's record of non-failures in tech mergers.

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For scientists to do a better job on driving change, tell people what the impact is today, not 20 years from now, says former governor Arnold Schwarzenegger at "Politics Sucks" , The Axe Files, CNN, Nov. 3 2018 at starting 2m30s

Unlike individuals who might move to a different town to start over, digital trails may be hard to erase.

> the digital world, what is the goal of shame? Unlike tarring and feathering someone, digital punishments don’t occur in specific times and places. A shaming tweet lasts forever and follows you wherever you go.

"Online shame, real-life aftermath" | Brandon Ambrosino | Oct. 26, 2018 | Globe & Mail at

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Whoa! It jut dawned on my that with GitHub acquisition Microsoft now controls both VS Code AND Atom. And Electron...

«Microsoft Electron - Best way to publish beautiful cross-platform application on every major OS!»


IBM employed 434,246 ending 2012, down to 366,600 ending 2017.

It must have been rough in 2013, with a notch down to 379,590, shown at

In January 2015, I had thought that maybe 300,000 to 325,000 employees could be reasonable.

I just figured out how the Finns found me. They were surfacing the Nordic Glass exhibition at Harbourfront Toronto , and found my visit 4 weeks ago at

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