I'm moving my primary tooting to qoto.org/@daviding , which is a more science-oriented Mastodon instance.

I hope to see you over there!

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@bgcarlisle @daviding Posting a #ContentWarning for the retweet of an official Government of #Canada travel advisory is beyond absurd.

This is an official Government statement, and not at all political. This post offers helpful advice to Canadians who might travel abroad. You wish to censor this?

You wish to categorize an official government travel advisory as political? Please rethink your logic.

Canadian government Dec. 7 travel advisory "Exercise a high degree of caution in France due to the current elevated threat of terrorism." Not news that I would have expected to see on travel.gc.ca/destinations/fran

In licensing content, I have heard of a model release, but not a property release. For commercial purposes, a Creative Commons licensor should know about his or her responsibility.

The lighting of the Eiffel Tower is a protected work. pixelrockstar.com/use-eiffel-t

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This is nice! It looks like the Government of Canada's Directive on the Management of Information Technology now says "Where possible, use open standards and open source software first" and goes on into detail with more guidance. I'm fully in favour of this sort of thinking, especially since it's a more free and sustainable approach tbs-sct.gc.ca/pol/doc-eng.aspx

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Driving off to San Francisco on Friday to participate in the Engelbart 50th anniversary of the Mother of All Demos...doug-50.info/

Panel on Land Use Summit meeting #6 of 7 sectors. , for , , for , for . Sketching by , emphasis on relevance from global study to action in Greater (Unify Toronto, Toronto, Friends House, Lowther Avenue, Toronto, Ontario) 20181128

Organizations need , as naturally-engaging in collective interests, says .
> ... beyond leadership is a profound sense of communityship. [....] Effective organizations are communities of human beings, not collections of human resources.

[....] You feel the energy in the place, the commitment of its people, their collective interest in what they do. They don’t have to be formally empowered because they are naturally engaged.


Washington suffers from ; Ottawa is 1-1/2 younger.

> The average age of Washington’s leaders – Mr. Trump, Ms. Pelosi, Mr. McConnell - is 75. In Canada, the three major party leaders - Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, Conservative Leader Andrew Scheer and NDP Leader Jagmeet Singh – have an average age of 41.That’s a 34 year spread.

"Gerontocracy rules in Washington. Fresher minds prevail in Ottawa" | | Nov. 21, 2018 at theglobeandmail.com/opinion/ar

Gaining participation in an open sourcing project is an art. suggests three behaviours that will attract developers.
1. Write Code Any Engineer Can Read;
2. Write Documentation That Sells;
3. 3. Promote Your Repo Like A Product Launch
“Want To Recruit Better Engineers? Open Source Your Code” | Nov. 19, 2018 | AngelList at angel.co/blog/want-to-recruit-

is accredited both in Hungary, and with Bard College in the USA. Rector , if he doesn't have a rule of law from the government after the 17-month delay, says on Dec. 1 that will decamp from to .
theglobeandmail.com/world/arti Nov. 20, 2018

Books to browse at Ontario @csiTO. Discussion on , , Language tracked through history with , , . Focus from 1964 Notes on the Synthesis of Form through to October 2018 @PLoPCon and meetings. (Climate Ventures, Centre for Social Innovation, Spadina Avenue, Toronto, Ontario) 20181121

Understanding in Early Childhood Education @rhondamcewen @KDMI Semaphore speaker series @UofTInfoFaculty. Research based on communication theory by . Attentional deficits in children are already there, but tablets make it worse. Gestures can change the way that knowledge is conceptually understood, not just on working memory, but long term memory.

Books on Pattern Language: Selecting from bookshelf for show-and-tell at Ontario session at @csiTO tonight. Publications cross architecture, software development, social change. wiki.st-on.org/2018-11-21 (Centre for Social Innovation, 192 Spadina Avenue, Toronto, Ontario) 20181121


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The tension between sharing and businesses selling. Not academic publishing, but agricultural seeds -- though there might be some parallels! undark.org/2018/11/20/seed-lib

Choosing a provider on an app store should come with a buyer beware notice, as the offer of a free service means that is not grounded in diligence. Who is behind these free VPN offers? top10vpn.com/free-vpn-app-inve

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If anyone else here is interested in my Grav CMS open education projects, the latest addition is multi-course support for Open Course Hub where each course can have its own header image, menu, sidebar and footer - and open and collaborative content can be shared between courses... here is a demo: demo.hibbittsdesign.org/grav-s

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#PostmarketOS is a new #GNU/Linux distribution that aims to provide a long term OS for mobile devices:

Animated pyramid by age and gender of 10 most populous countries portends future issues with rapid, slow and negative .
"Animation: Population Pyramids of the 10 Largest Countries", , Sept. 28, 2017 at visualcapitalist.com/animation
via twitter.com/simongerman600/sta

Untangling from black swan anomalies in . Also 2018 research on platforms as epistemic knowledge creation exchanges . Platforms as part of the larger
"The impacts of platforms" at coevolving.com/blogs/index.php

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