Please do not subject your students to course readings consisting of misaligned images of books you captured with your low-quality phone camera in low-light conditions.

My eyes are bleeding. This does not help my brain process the info.

A student

@dbs Wow, that contrast is terrible. The "TinyScan" app would have fixed some of the problems by (1) fixing the alignment, and (2) automatically converting to black and white. You should recommend it to your teacher/TA.

@dbs If "TinyScan" is only Android (I'm not sure), then any other scan app. This is the only one I've tried personally, but the app stores are littered with these types of tools.

image/svg+xml Follow

@flor Yeah I thought about offering technical assistance to them on this front.

A few weeks earlier I let them know that for another crappy scanned chapter, the full ebook was available through the uni library w/ unlimited simultaneous users. They seemed grateful then, so I suspect they would be receptive to more help.

@flor OH THIS JUST IN: I noticed that our uni library offers an article/chapter scan service.

I think it also ensures the documents are OCR'ed (good for accessibility and copy/paste).

It's probably just the matter of an adjunct not having enough time to follow the official processes, which I totally get.

Maybe I'll order the scans for future readings myself and offer them to the prof...

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