Algebra refresher workshop 

Settling in as a student in what's going to be a heck of a day. Coming up: 200+ slides and associated exercises in set logic / basic algebra, and functions.

Workshop hasn't started yet but I've already pointed out a transposition error in one of the problems and a Markdown quirk (lettered list in source generating a numbered list output, screwing up references) to the instructor. Probably a nervous/defensive reaction on my part. Have to try not to be _that student_

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Algebra refresher workshop 

I survived day one. The agenda was... ambitious, and predictably the workshop leader began to start skipping through content. Which leads to shaky foundations, because of course almost all math builds on previous math.

So the next three days are going to be very challenging. But I can do it!

Algebra refresher workshop 

Side note: figured out how to use stem: blocks in Asciidoc so that I can continue taking notes on my laptop rather than scrawling in my notepad.

I think it helps to be able to express things in the required notation rather than just using symbols, e.g.

stem:[\forall x, y \in I, x > y => f(x) \lt f(y)]

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