Hi all :) I'm working on a PhD on , specifically studying the for science movement. As an activist I'm interested in feminist approaches to tech which I try to implement in meet ups, workshops, etc. A big part of my time goes to working as open as STS lets me, another big part goes to WikiData because I love it. Beautiful communities are what keep me existing through late capitalism, so here I am in Mastodon <3.


@cassandreces Welcome back! I've also been involved with Wikidata, and am considering how I might weave it into my doctoral research in Information Studies (I'm currently pre-comp exams).

I'd like to see what happened if libraries built information systems that used Wikidata QIDs as identifiers for entities, for example.

@cassandreces Really like the workshop approach. I've been lucky to work with Stacy Allison-Cassin on putting together a few different Wikidata workshops over the past few years. And generally have been a volunteer, mentor, speaker at local tech learning events.

@dbs sounds super interesting! Regarding libraries, I'm aware of a project at the german national library trying to implement Wikibase, and then many openGLAM initiatives pushing for using Wikidata...

@cassandreces Right! Barbara Fischer from the German National Library was a participant in the Wikibase workshop Stacy and I led at SWIB18 (gitlab.com/denials/wikibase-wo)

@dbs this is great, thanks for sharing!! I'm always interested in seeing how people teach Wikibase, will *definetely* take a look at the repo. I mentored someone from Wikimedia DE as part of Mozilla Open Leaders with this project: learningwikibase.com (Idk if she kept working on it but I like the idea)

@dbs another thing (sorry I'm very enthusiastic when I meet Wikibase people xD), a friend of mine is working at appropedia.org, which has a huge MediaWiki instance ongoing since forever (wiki only). He's interested in adding a 'Wikibase layer' or extension with an ontology useful for his project. I've only worked with new installations, do you know if it's possible to do this with already existing wikis?

@cassandreces To be honest, I've never tried that; always started with fresh Wikibase instances.

But as Appropedia seems to be a unilingual wiki, maybe Semantic MediaWiki might be a better fit? semantic-mediawiki.org/wiki/FA

@cassandreces That's a cool project! Can't believe I hadn't heard of it before--thank you (both for sharing it, and for mentoring)

@dbs you're welcome! The project is young but I feel it's *really* needed

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